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Canadian Pacific Railway

U3 class 0-6-0

U3a 6101-6130
U3b 6140-6142
U3c 6143-6208
U3d 6209-6259
U3e 6260-6304

Hundreds of small U class engines were used at yards big and small all across the system.
Cyl. 18"x26" Drv.52" Press. 200 lbs. t.e. 27,500 Lt.Wt. Eng. 65 tons. Tender capacity 4 tons coal 3,500 gals. water.

U3a 6123 oil-fired, switching in Victoria, VI. CPR New Shops 1376 6/1904 Bud Laws Collection
Oil-fired 1938.

U3c 6151 looking freshly painted possibly after being outshopped with conversion to oil-firing in 1938.
. Engineer checking out photographer! Western Lines unknown date.
Note: oil-fired 1938-1942. Bud Laws Collection

U3c 6152 Winnipeg August 1941 CPR Angus 1400 3/1905 Bud Laws Collection

Another photo of 6152 with switchman giving hand signal to clear a switch.
After which he will cross over, line switch, cross back and give engineer signal to backup.
Undated but likely close to above. Bud Laws Collection

U3c 6166 CPR 1414 6/1905 Winnipeg August 1946 Stan Styles/Bud Laws Collection

Sold 7/1949 to Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal, Bienfait, Saskatchewan.
Preserved 1966 at Western Development Museum, North Battleford.
Relocated 1994 to Western Development Museum, Saskatoon. Displayed as nee 2166.

U3c 6178 dead at Angus. circa 1940 Bud Laws Collection

Class U3c 6179 is stored Out-of-Service at unknown location and date. Bud Laws Collection
It is possible it never returned to service as it was scrapped in April 1937
Note the slide valves, indicative of a non-superheated boiler.

U3d 6209-6259

6216 newly renumbered as S.L.4 (Shop Locomotive) CPR 4/1911.
Angus December 8, 1948. Collection of George Parks.

Note: 6226 became S.L.5 in 1954 and 6269 S.L.6 in 1955. Photos wanted.

U3d 6222 CPR 9/1911 Winnipeg 9/1950
Note the box on pilot also check out that whistle!
OCS "cinder service" gon at right behind engine.
Stan Styles/Ken Mac Donald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

U3d 6224 Saskatoon, Sask. August 7, 1948 CPR 9/1911 Howard W.Ameling/Bud Laws Collection
Although equipped with piston valves this engine is not superheated. Only the U3e sub-class (6260-6304) were superheated.
Note: The last non-superheated steam locomotive on the CPR was DAR 6227 retired February 1957.

6231 Winnipeg 8/07/1959

6245 coaling up! Lethbridge 5/1944 Ken Mac Donald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

6248 Saskatoon 1948 "Hey! Who are you lookin' at? "
Joseph R Quinn/Bud Laws Collection

6249 sitting under Arlington Street Bridge which crosses width of entire yard. Note employee stairs. Winnipeg 5/28/1951

6253 poses with crew in this early scene. CPR 7/1912 Scrapped 2/1953.

U3e 6260-6304

6262 "smoking it up" a little! Fireman is taking it easy as this is an oil-fired engine!
Caption mssing. Likely Vancouver due to fog headlight. Bud Laws Collection

U3e 6269 fresh out of Angus.

U3e 6277 OSS (Out of Service Serviceable) at Lambton bone yard. CPR 7/1913

6282 at old coal chutes. Looks like Western Lines paint scheme (light grey) on smoke box.
Note box car at far right with number paited out. Old cars destined for scrap were at times
held for local use inside a yard. Ray Deschenes/Bud Laws Collection

6284 with Western Lines paint scheme (light grey) on smoke box.
Ray Deschenes/Bud Laws Collection

6288 an Algoma District engine assigned to Britt to switch the coal dock where CPR received lake boats.
Thought to be Sudbury circa 1952. With a full tender of coal and raising steam judging by the black smoke.
Note the marker lamp! Could be ready to run light back to Britt after being in Sudbury for shop work.

6290 out-of-service Brandon 1/03/1949 L.A.Stuckey/Ken Mac Donald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

6295 looking freshly outshopped Angus. Uknown Quebec c.1955. Lambton engine 1952+
Yves St-Hilaire Collection

6296 at Bay Shore yard in West Saint John, NB. 1930's-40's. CPR 10/1913

6298 Caption missing. Likely John Street.
It was assigned to John Street circa 1953-1955. In 1952 West Toronto (not Lambton) roundhouse.

U3e class 6304 was the last 0-6-0 built by or for the CPR. Hundreds had preceeeded it, none would follow.
Built CPR Angus December 1913. Shown at Winnipeg 10/15/1947. William S. Kuba/Bud Laws collection



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