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Canadian Pacific Railway

T1 Class 2-10-4 Selkirk
Named for the Selkirk Mountains range in B.C.

T-1-a 5900-5919 Cyl. 25 1/2" x 32" Drv. 63" Press. 275 lbs. t.e. 77,200 lbs. booster 12,000 lbs.
Tender 4100 gals. oil 12,000 gals.water

T4a Class experimental Selkirk 8000.

Steam (see below) mixes with sets of GMD and CLC covered wagons in the transition
between the steam era and dieselization. Field, BC Ronald Bearman collection

T1a 5901 all-dolled up in passenger paint and trim. Field, BC MLW 67922 7/1929
Canadian Pacific Corporate Archives/D.R.Phillips collection

Following dieselization of the original mountain territory of the Selkirks many were transferred to flatland.
Extra 5906 East on the double track Swift Current Subdivision. C.1953 Ernfold, SK Ron Bearman

Extra 5913 East, also on the double track Swift Current Sub. Another T1a both built by MLW 8/1929.
1953 Waldeck, SK Ron Bearman

T-1-a 5911 with plow pilot. Cab rebuilt without taper after being damaged.
Calgary September 25, 1949 Bud Laws Collection

5912 Note the unique tapered cab only on Selkirks. Field May 31, 1948 Bud Laws Collection

5915 getting a cleaning of its motion. That young boy all dressed up is likely the photographer's son.
Revelstoke Thursday, June 13, 1940 Bud Laws Collection

5916 Revelstoke October 12, 1940 Bud Laws Collection

T1a 5919 last of the original twenty 5900's at Field. MLW #67940 9/1929 Ronald Bearman collection
Cyl. 25 1/2" x 32" Drv. 63" Press. 275 lbs. 77,200 booster 12,000 Tender 4100 gals. oil 12,000 gals.water

5919 now equipped with plow pilot and stack deflector. Obviously in freight service in this scene years later than above.
Bad water has resulted in filthy condition of wheels. Field 7/04/1949 Ralph Payne/Charles Winters/Testagrose Col'n

T-1-b semi-streamlined 5920-5929

Cyl. 25" x 32" Drv. 63" Press. 285 lbs. 76,900 t.e. plus 12,500 for booster engine. Tender 4100 gals. oil 12,000 gals.water

T-1-b 5920 Revelstoke August 13, 1941 Bud Laws Collection

5921 posing for its official photograph. Canadian Pacific Railway/Bud Laws Collection

T1b 5922 on the headend of a passenger train at Banff July 19, 1942
Howard W. Ameling Collection/Bud Laws Collection

5922 on Number 2 The Dominion sitting at Field, BC September 17, 1951 Ronald S. Ritchie.
Note the mountain lights aimed to show around curves. Predecessor of modern ditch lights.

T1b 5924 MLW 69112 11/1938 Ronald Bearman collection

5927 with Second section of The Dominion at Banff, Alberta July 31, 1939 E.Towler/Bud Laws Collection

T1b 5928 with a coal-fired P2 class 2-8-2 assisting. Painting by the famous railroad artist Howard Fogg.

Second 4 engine 5929 with coal-fired assist engine 5813 cut in behind. On 2.2% grade in Kicking Horse Pass.
Canadian Pacific/Nicholas Morant

The extended fairing around the stack housed a cowl which was raised by compressed air to deflect the exhaust backwards in tunnels and snowsheds to prevent damage to the roofs of these structures. However, this made the cab worse and were unpopular therefore not always used. This was a little-known feature.

This was one of many Canadian Pacific Railway Public Relations Department photographs taken by company photographer Nicholas Morant and was first published in 1978 in Volume One of Canadian Pacific in the Rockies by D. M. Bain.
This was the first of many interesting booklets printed over the next 30 years by the BRMNA.

T1c 5931 first of the last order of Selkirks. Note the unusal plow pilot. MLW 76221 2/1949
Calgary station July 31, 1951 Arthur B. Johnson/Bud Laws Collection

5932 on the shop track at Revelstoke September 8, 1950 Howard Davis/Bud Laws Collection

Note the woman talking with another shop employee.
Likely she stayed on after World War II and may be a cleaner or trimmer as markers are sitting on pilot.

T1c 5935 the last Selkirk barely fits on the table at Outremont 3/15/1949. MLW 76226 3/1949 Bud Laws Collection
Note: The six T1c's were built as oil-fired. Tender 4100 gallons of oil and 12,000 gals. water.

NOTE: Two Selkirks have been preserved.
5931 (renumbered 5934) at Heritage Park in Calgary,
and 5935 at Exporail near Montreal. photo January 13, 2007.



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