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Canadian Pacific Railway

P1 Class 2-8-2

P1n class 5200's

These 2-8-2 Mikados were a freight design yet, CPR used a number of them in passenger service for years including out of Vancouver on the Kettle Valley through the rugged Kootenay region of southern BC; and on long trains of skiers in the famous Laurentians of Quebec. People still ski there, they just don't travel on trains anymore, the tracks are long gone.

These P1 class 2-8-2's were rebuilt by Angus shops from older 2-8-2's. The first 20 were built by the CPR's Angus Shops beginning in August of 1912 while Montreal Locomotive Works built the remaining 75 between July and October of 1913.
P1d 5100 appears to be freshly outshopped. Brandon, Manitoba. August 27,1932. Collection of Bud Laws

Here is 5100 many years later with addition of feedwater heater which all received. Blowdown mud covers the firebox and tender due to hard water in the area. Minnedosa, MB 8/1955 Harold K. Vollrath/Joseph Testagrose Collection

This engine was built by Angus shops 8/1912 as P1a 5000 and rebuilt in Angus 9/1928 as 5100. It was not the first P1 class rebuilt since engines were done as they came due for normal overhaul and kept their same last digits. 5118 was first 3/1926. Last was 5187 rebuilt 10/1930.

Rebuilt with new cylinders 23x32 (originally, 23.5 x 32) and valve gear, other improvements included a mechanical stoker (NEVER say "automatic" stoker to any fireman!) and most given bigger tenders of 10,000 gallons water capacity and 14 or 18 tons of coal. A few kept smaller 7,000 gallon (3,000 oil) tenders. Modifications did not include a feedwater heater which device was added at a later date.

5103 showing signs of dirty boiler water. Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. 1939 Doug Cummings/Bud Laws Collection

5110 running Extra at Whitemouth, MB June 1940 Bud Laws Collection

5112 at Brandon, Manitoba April 29,1953 Bud Laws Collection

Great shot of P1d 5114 (CPR 9/12) blackening the sky working upgrade at Sherbrooke Street near Angus.
6/23/1959 Bob Krone

5115 on shop track Fredericton, New Brunswick March 1952 Bud Laws Collection

5116 on shop track. Circa late 1940's. Bud Laws Collection


P1e 5120-5194 (ex P1b 5020-5094 (MLW 7-10/1913)

P1e 5120 (MLW 52707 7/1913) in passenger (black with gold stripe) paint scheme. Clean even in wartime. Oil-fired.
Recently equipped with Elesco feedwater heater. Vancouver July 18,1940 Bud Laws Collection
Note: This engine was assigned to Vancouver-Kettle Valley passenger service.

5120 years later in freight scheme. Note exhaust deflector. Frank Law Collection

Extra 5130 North (Way Freight) waiting for their orders to return to Moose Jaw.
Assiniboia, SK 1950's Ron Bearman

5134 on its train waiting to leave Winnipeg. October 1948 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection
Fireman is looking for discharge of water from injector he is working to add water to boiler.

5158 showing major signs of bad water. Jim Adams/Bud Laws Collection

Note: Compare features with older photo below. High headlight, running board,
air pump is on left side of engine.

5158 East Coulee, Alta. March 1931 Bud Laws Collection
Shack at left is likely a scale house.

5161 shows addition of feedwater heater. Some oldtimers called this a water bottle. Note how it sits atop the smokebox unlike newer engines built with the FWH slightly recessed. Note the older style headlight with a built in illuminated number board. In the foreground are cinder gons on a depressed track to make manual loading easier. Collection of Bud Laws

5162 Montreal 3/28/1958 Joseph R. Quinn/Bud Laws Collection

5163 (ex 5063) P1 class cylinders 23" x 32" Drivers 63" Pressure 190 lbs. t.e 43,400 MLW #52750 9/1913
Montreal 3/29/58 Joseph Testagrose Collection

5174 looking fresh out of the Weston backshop with typical Western Lines grey smokebox.
Winnipeg September 1947 Bud Laws Collection

5177 carrying markers indicates a light engine movement, perhaps off an assist? Looks like Frank AB.
Engines pushed east “out” of the mountains from Frank to Pincher station up two grades.
Bud Laws Collection

5178 in off an extra sits on ash pit with low side gons on depressed track.
Note labourer shovelling ashes. No conveyor. Labour was cheap back then!
East Coulee, AB 12/30/1943 Doug Cummings/Bud Laws Collection

5179 looking fresh out of the backshop. Winnipeg January 1948 Bud Laws Collection

5182 Winnipeg, Manitoba September 1949 Bud Laws Collection

5183 Fort William, Ontario July 26, 1946 Bud Laws Collection

5185 Fredericton, New Brunswick November 1, 1950 Bud Laws Collection

5189 Brandon, Manitoba August 30, 1950 Bud Laws Collection

5191 running Extra in Winnipeg September 1948 Bud Laws Collection

5193 second to last P1 numerically. Lambton March 1947 Bud Laws Collection



P1n class 5200's



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