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Canadian Pacific Railway

A Class 4-4-0

A1e Cyl. 17" x 24" Drv. 70" Press. 160 lbs. t.e. 13% coal 10 tons water 4,000 gallons

A1e 28 Ottawa 4/5/1933

A1e 29 steaming out of Norton with the mixed before it became noticed. 8/25/1956
CPR New Street 1065 September 1887 Joseph Testagrose Collection

A1e 30 blurring the camera paasing Ottawa West station. 1/10/1941 Floyd Yates

This engine would be the fourth last 4-4-0. It became a spare for the old K&P and was last used in filming of the 1949
movie Canadian Pacific staring Randolph Scott. It was stored in West Toronto roundhouse and scrapped 5/1950.

A2 Cyl.17" x 24" Drv. 63" Press. 160 lbs. t.e. 15% coal 10 tons water 4,000 gals

136 likely taken at Angus when outshopped in 1914 with new superheated boiler and piston cylinders.
Steve Morris Collection

A2m 136 when it was just another engine. Rogers Locomotive 3332 August 1883 Rebuilt Angus 1914
Ottawa April 1932 Bud Laws Collection

136 long before it became famous. Ottawa 12/15/1936 Floyd Yates

A2 class 4-4-0 136 in Renfrew waiting to leave with (likely Eganville) Mixed train
back when it was just another CPR steam locomotive. CS&TM/Mattingly Collection

136 upgrade at Perry "running the tank." (not stopping) 1953 Phil Hastings/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Same spot. This time taking water and oiling around. 6/14/1958 Ken MacDonald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Sitting at Cody. 6/14/1958 Joseph Testagrose Collection

Note steel cab from U class 0-6-0. Norton 6/27/1958 Bud Laws Collection

136 in its last year of regular service. Norton, NB July 16, 1959 Joseph Testagrose Collection two photos.

136 815 and 1057 tripleheading a Passenger Special through the Forks of Credit from Toronto to Orangeville and return Sunday, May 1st, 1960. N. Herbert/Joseph Testagrose Collection.

A2q 144 on the shop track at Norton all painted up. 29 behind being worked on and 136 at left in steam. 6/14/1958
Ken MacDonald/Joseph Testagrose Collection

A2q 144 CPR New Street Shops 1030 March 1886
Mixed train near Chipman, NB October 2, 1957 Joseph Testagrose Collection

Lifting two empty flats for Chipman. 6/19/1959

No. 560 eng 144 at Chipman. July 1959 Homer R. Hill/R.L.Kennedy Collection

144 inside Exporail.


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