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Canadian Pacific Railway

G3 class 2300 4-6-2 Pacific

These G3 class stoker-equipped 4-6-2's were a big improvement over earlier hand-fired G1 and G2 Pacific types.
The first ten were built by Angus and all of the rest by Montreal Locomotive Works.

G3a 2300-2303 Cyl 25" x 30" 200 lbs. 42,500 t.e.
G3b 2304-2309 same specifications
G3c 2310-2325 same specifications
G3d 2326-2350 23" x 30" 250 lbs 45,000 t.e.
All 75 inch diameter drivers.
Six-wheel truck tender carried 12,000 gallons of water and 21 tons of coal, or 4,700 gals. fuel oil.
Four-wheel truck tenders carried 18 tons of coal and 10,000 gallons of water.

G3a 2300 brand new in classic rods-down portrait. Canadian Pacific Railway

G3b 2305 (CPR Aug.1920) on the shop track at the Glen in Montreal. April 1933.
Alan R. Christmas/Bud Laws Collection

G3c 2315 with 6-wheel truck tender and smoke deflectors. MLW #64539 6/1923
Sutherland, SK April 17,1939 Bud Laws Collection

Steamtown USA 2317 the most famous 2300 nicely painted in passenger colours.
Riverside, Bellows Falls, Vermont. October 1980 Edward Ozog

2317 still in passenger colours but in need of a good wash and cleaning.
Steamtown USA, Scranton, Pennsylvania. October 18, 1985. John Petro

2321 in a great winter scene with Santa Claus. Note the electrified coal oil classification lamps. MLW 64545 7/1923
Montreal 1924 Walter Pfefferle Collection

2322 Westmount, Quebec October 1937 Bud Laws Collection

2323 freshly outshopped with larger tender and in new paint scheme. CPR/Steve Morris collection.

G3c 2324 second last of sub.class c 2310-2325 (16 engs) First G3 order built by MLW.
MLW 64548 7/1923 CPR/Steve Morris Collection July 1923

2326 ready to leave Windsor Station, Montreal. Canadian Pacific/Steve Morris Collection
This may be Toronto bound Number 35 sometime in the 1930-early 1940's era.

Publicity photograph prior to introduction of the short-lived all-sleeping car Trans-Canada Limited.
Windsor Station, Montreal. May 1929. G3d 2327 MLW #66765 8/1926

Note: Passenger equipment was painted Tuscan red with gold leaf lettering however,
locomotives were still black until 1935 by which time the train was long gone.

G3d 2328 downgraded to freight service but still in passenger colours although lacking white tyres and other trim.

2331 with westbound time freight (965?) passing the Government elevators at Moose Jaw as seen from a Secretan Pit Turn returning with empty hopper cars. Operator and photographer Ron Bearman is riding the van between work and home.

2332 taking water at West Shore (NYC) shops in Buffalo, NY. 4/16/1939 Bud Laws Collection

G3d 2332 (MLW 66770 8/1926) assisting G3g 2413 (CLC 2017 1/1943) Note the marker lamps on pilot.
These will be put on the rear of 2332's tender to allow it to run back as a train which it must do on the main line.
Montreal May 1946. CPR/Steve Morris Collection

2334 Montreal West 5/26/1959 W.C.Whittaker/Joseph Testagrose Collection

2335 when new with small tender. Angus September 1926 CPR/Bud Laws Collection

2341 was saved. Canadian Railway Museum 11/1967

2344 with big tender and "elephant ears". Brandon, Manitoba. Second week June 1941. Bud Laws Collection

A number of engines received these smoke deflectors in an attempt to keep smoke from obscuring the crew's view.
However, they were later removed as they were not all that successful and in fact interfered with the view ahead.

2345 with smoke deflectors. Brandon, Man. Bud Laws Collection

2348 with smoke deflectors. Sutherland, SK 11/26/1938 Bud Laws Collection

G3d 2349 with livestock properly marshalled on head end. MLW 66786 10/1926 Bud Laws Collection

2349 with smoke deflectors. Sutherland, SK 4/14/1939 Bud Laws Collection

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