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5779-5784 Pacesetter (6) 5785-5789 (5) repeater 5860-5862 (3) Locotrol

CN 5393 acq. 12/1996 (ex CP 5785) SD40-2 GMD A3531 6/1978
Bedford Park, IL 9/21/1997 Re-acquired by CP 4/2000 retired 2/2003

Ontario Hydro owned 14 of these units under a unique arrangement with CP to guarantee sufficient power to operate
unit coal trains between Vancouver and Thunder Bay for transloading into lakers for delivery to various power plants.
This did not mean they would only haul those unit trains and nothing else. It simply guaranteed on time dispatch.
Most of these units were transferred 5/1996 by CP to CN when CN acquired the coal traffic.
All 11 units were acquired 4/2000 by CP following the end of the unit coal trains when Ontario Hydro
shut down coal-fired generating stations. They retained CN numbers until sold off a few years later.

CN 5394 (ex CP 5861) in UP yard Dolton, IL 5/06/1999 GMD A3537 7/1978

Acquired 4/2000 CP same number. Sold 8/2004 NRE (also 5395/5862).


ALL American Latina Logistica

ALL 9481 acq. 2010 ex PRSX 5421 (ex CP 5421 (ex 676 nee KCS 676) EMD SD40-2 756155-2 8/1976
5/15/2010 Curitiba, PR, Brazil

Ferrovia Centro-Atlantica

National Railway Equipment rebuilt two units 5394 and 5395 modifying them as shown.
Units were altered to narrow gauge (1 metre) and equipped with four trucks BB40-2.

Note; a total of 12 units were likewise rebuilt to haul very heavy export ore trains for VALE.

Extended pilots allow unit to take curves. Capito Eduardo yard Santa Luzia MG Brazil 5/30/2005

FCA 4804 (ex CP 5394, CN 5394, nee CP 5861) mid-train power. Divinopolis MG Brazil 1/13/2013

FCA 4814 (ex CP 5395, CN 5395 nee CP 5862) part of 3rd set of mid-train power shows unique 4 trucks.
Divinopolis MG Brazil 3/07/2011

VLI 4804 running on 1,000 mm = 1 meter (3' 3 3/8") Betim 7/27/2017

Note 3 rail dual gauge track at far left. 1,600 mm (5' 3") and 762 mm (2' 6").
Track in middle foreground would be 762 mm (30").



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