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Minooka, IL

Roster: ex CP 1507, 1540, 1553.

See also; CNR subsequent owners MVPX

North Star BlueScope Steel LLC
Delta, Ohio

MVPX 1201 ex MVPX 2001, ex LDCX 2001 (Rathwell, MB) nee CP 8109 8/1998 GMD A1489 7/1958.
Delta, OH 5/04/2018

Chicago Junction MVPX 1507 (ex CP 1507 nee GP7 8417) GP7u GMD A504 3/1953
Chicago Junction, Elk Grove Village, IL July 2/2018 Keith Pokorny

Chicago Junction Railroad, a new operation by Progressive Rail after taking over operations from the
Chicago Terminal Railroad. The line serves an industrial park near O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.

MVPX 1507 switching industrial area. August 17/2018 Joseph Cermak

Subsequent owner; CRGX 615 acq. ? 2022 ex MVPX 1507. Sidney, OH 9/02/2022

MVPX_1553 acq. 8/2015 (ex CP 1553 nee 8623) GMD A962 9/1956
Enroute to Viterra in Grimshaw, AB at Minneapolis, MN 10/20/2015 -





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