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Canadian Pacific Railway

Heritage Trains and Royal Canadian Pacific Tour Trains.

Diesels and passenger equipment in old paint schemes.

Rolling Stock Gallery

RCP and other special trains including business trains.

1401_4106_4107 with 41B business train returning eastbound from a fast inspection trip to Windsor.
10/31/2018 Ayr, Ontario


150th Anniversary Train

Canada 150th Anniversary train stretches across the rugged Northern Ontario landscape. 8/07/2017 Neys, ON

1401_4107_1900_4106 with deadhead equipment through Dalhousie, ON August 14, 2017.

The CP 150th Anniversary Train has completed its cross-Canada run which began in Port Moody, BC
on July 28th and ended in Montreal on August 13th. Complete with entertainment it made stops enroute
celebrating Confederation July 1, 1867. The date of its journey start mimicked a return run of the first
cross-Canada passenger train following completion of the CPR November 7, 1885 at Craigellachie, BC.
The first through train left Montreal on June 28, 1886 and arrived in Port Moody, BC at Noon, July 4, 1886.

50th Anniversary cross-Canada Jubilee 1936 train.

Royal Canadian Pacific

1400_1401_3084 with RCP crossing Ottertail Creek bridge. Ottertail, BC 9/20/2002

1400_1900_1401 with Royal Canadian Pacific complete with a wave from the engineer!
Cathedral, BC September 12, 2002

Trailing unit 4107 is actually painted on highway coach! Cowley, AB 8/01/2009



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