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Canadian Pacific Railway

Expo Limited

Short-lived Transcontinental train between Montreal/Toronto and Vancouver.
Mandated for Centennial Year (1867-1967) traffic in effect resurrecting The Dominion.
(It only operated one season from April 30 to October 28,1967 to serve Expo 67 in Montreal.)

Yoho Park in Montreal 1967. Digital restoration Gordon Kennedy

8462-8463 No.5 Expo Limited. Ottawa Station 1967 L.B.Chapman Collection

Two scenes of the Expo Limited just two days after Centennial Day.
8526-8509-8518 GMD GP9 passenger units. Pritchard BC July 3, 1967 Ron Visockis

Same train, same date. Sicamous BC


S series first class 12 section 1 drawing room sleeper Scotstown set off No.5 Expo Limited
from Montreal laying over for evening return train. Sudbury Sunday, August 20/1967 Bill Linley

Note: Part of 25 car order built CC&F/CPR Angus 1930 for Trans Canada Limited.
Three cars per train and seven train sets plus 4 spares to protect consists.
Second 25 car order followed in 1931.


Busy scene as 7092 (MLW S2 #75867 3/1949) switches cars off #15 the Toronto section of the
Expo Limited
, onto #5 from Montreal for Vancouver. Sunday August 20, 1967 at 8.00 a.m. Ted Wickson

No.16 eng. 8477 Expo Limited southbound arriving at West Toronto Depot early morning Saturday, August 12, 1967.
Note open door on carbody. Ted Wickson

Same train as above photo with six cars arrived at West Toronto Depot. Saturday, August 12, 1967 Bill Sanderson


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