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Canadian Pacific Railway

1400 1900 Passenger F Units

See also: The Dominion


Number 1 The Canadian led by 1404_1903_1409 westbound on track 4 Ottawa Station. CNR cars at right are on track 5, a yard track. Note the white wagon used only for ice for air conditioning. Six 300 lbs. blocks would be loaded into underslung bunkers. Parlor cars took 18 blocks, almost 3 tons! No easy task. Further, it was common for two carmen to go through a car and a half of ice per 8 hour shift! Smaller ice, used for drinking water was handled by the "ice man".

Number 22 engines 1405-19xx arriving at Windsor Station in Montreal from Toronto 7/04/1954. John Dziobko
Just four months old 1405 was the first GMD FP9A built (A589 2/28/1954) of an order of 11 A and 8 B units.

Early assignment of 1400 and 1900's.

1405_19xx outbound with No 354 Frontenac to Quebec City. Westmount 7/04/1954. John Dziobko
This power arrived on No. 22 from Toronto (above) and was quickly serviced and dispatched again.

1405 leads eastbound passenger train at Banff, AB December 25,1960 Ron Visockis
Note: This is likely #7 The Dominion.

1407-1412 at Trois Rivieres, Que. 5/9/1968 Max Miller/Bud Laws Collection

Pair of FP7A units 1413 leads First 22 from Toronto at Montreal West 6/23/1959 Bob Krone
Note the tunnel icicle breakers on the roofs.

1416 leads a GP9 passenger unit and another A unit. Lake Louise unique log station.
James Brown/Joseph Testagrose Collection

1429_19x9_14xx Number 1's power being refueled and watered at Calgary station. August 25, 1961

1430 (ex 4074) and a pair of B-unit 1900's on No. 354 Frontenac pool train heads off towards Quebec City.
Montreal West. 6/21/1959 Bob Krone


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