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Canadian National Railways

Riding the old I B & O Mixed

G.L."Gren Schrader
Former Order Railroad Telegraphers

In 1939- 1941 we lived in Gooderham where our father worked on the CNR, formerly Ye Olde
Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa Rly.

In 1942 to 1943 our father was Section Foreman at Irondale. It was during W W II.

Contrary to Company rules- I have rode on a CNR Jigger (age 12 yrs) with our father when he would take
a W W II soldier from Irondale to Howland Junction to catch the early morning mixed Train from Haliburton
to Lindsay when returning to Army camp because the Mixed train only operated from Bancroft to Howland
on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturdays.

I have also rode by the Three Brothers Falls on the train and in later years by canoe – ( portaging around the Three
Brothers Falls) enroute to Howland.

Our father was also Section Foreman on the Lindsay to Haliburton Sub – We grew up in several Section Foreman
dwellings beside the Railroad Track.

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