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CNR Rolling Stock

Freight equipment

Refrigerated box car One of a number of special paint schemes done as a marketing promotion.

Insulated box car

Newsprint box car

When I was a kid in the 1950’s I watched old box cars like these ones being pushed over on their sides and set on fire to get rid of the wood! The location (gone now) is in the middle of London Ont., and south of the main line from the old car shops. Could you imagine the CN doing that now! London October 1982 Jim Booth

New piggyback 52 foot 6 inch flat car with new CN Cartage Services (LCL freight) trailers.

Great advertising! CN 663468 piggyback flatcar holding two short railway-owned trailers. 1950's Jim Parker

C.N. 52651 air dump 30 cu.ft.

97149 "long" hopper 75 ton capacity 25 tons tare weight

290333 40 foot plug door box car 3000 cu.ft. Built 11/1960

400653 50 foot box with plug door.

CN 412668 36'0" steel underframe wooden box car 5 foot door. 2472 cubic feet. Built 1/1918 Bud Laws Collection

C.N. 528388 40 foot 50 ton 3900 cu.ft. steel box car

536832 40 foot box car Note grade B symbol for lower grade of freight to left of door.

555341 50 foot double door box with plug door and sliding door.

557420 special paint scheme for EXPO 86 long after the event.

571599 40 foot box with 8 foot door for use by tow motor.

CN 574599 steel underframe wooden double door box car. Note open slats.

587301 double door box car

590575 double door box car.

72371 old 40 foot box car with Maple Leaf Serves All Canada emblem next to newer 576935 with modern CN logo.
Ferguson Avenue in Hamilton 5/17/1986 Clayton Langstaff

CN 168104 a 48 foot steel underframe 16 stall horse car. One of only two remaining including 168103.
Spring 1964 Edmonton Clayton Langstaff

CN 405417 36'0" steel underframe wooden box car 5 foot door. 2472 cubic feet. Built 2/1919
Toronto c.1952 Jim Parker

CN 730009 Double Deck Automobile Transporter box car. Unique to CN they were somewhat shortlived.



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