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Quebec Railway Light and Power

A large crowd was typical for the attraction on this line.

QRLP 22 Cyl. 18" x 24" Drv. 56" Press. 200 lbs. t.e. 23% MLW 67559 May 1928

Acquired January 1952 by CNR renumbered 429:2nd. Retired 9/1953.

Only steam locomotive on roster it was used for non-electrified track or power off situations.

226 at St.Paul Street station Quebec City last day of passenger service. 3/15/1959 Joseph Testagrose Collection

Quebec Railway, Light and Power Company 226 (ex 31 acq. 1924 HEPC) with freight train at Limoilou, Que.
8/6/1957 George Krambles/Joseph Testagrose Collection

QLRP 454 sitting at destination. Montmorency. August 6, 1952.
Note typical interurban size single trumpet air horn.

454 at US trolley museum.



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