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Canadian National Railways

Niagara St. Catharines and Toronto

Canadian National Navigation
Map 1913 connections steamships and railway.

Gallery 1

All photographs: Joseph Testagrose Collection unless otherwise credited.

Gallery 2 Black & White locomotives R.L.Kennedy

Gallery 3 Colour 1953 trip John Dziobko

Gallery 4 Locomotives and work equipment.
(black & white also colour)

Gallery 5 CN diesel freight era

Gallery 1

CNER 304 with crew posing at Bridge Street terminal where passengers could board cars of
International Ry. (IRC) or Great Gorge Route cars.

CNER 312 last of 12 cars built 1926 by NS&T with components from Cincinnati Car.

NST 302

Canadian National Railways 82 signed for Niagara Falls, New York.
Niagara Falls, Ontario. Bud Laws Collection

130 sits on spur at Thorold station ready to depart for Welland. 7/10/1951 Paul Mc Grane Collection

City car 322 and car behind both displaying signals for "section following" as they head to the famous
Lakside amusement park in Port Dalhousie. July 13, 1946 W C Bailey/Bud Laws Collection

Express car 40 St.Catharines. Joseph Testagrose Collection

NS&T 41 acq. 1927 (ex Cleveland, Painesville & Ashtabula 60) Express car in
Welland Avenue Yard, St.Catharines, Ontario. 8/16/1956 Eugene Van Dusen
Note the single red flag marker, a NS&T standard practice.

NS&T 63 southbound to Port Colborne acq. 1915 (ex London & Lake Erie) 54 seats 50'7" 30-ton Niles 1912
Swing bridge Welland Canal #1 and #2. 7/07/1946 Jim Shuman/Joseph Testagrose Collection

80 Bud Laws Collection 11/1951

Car 82 running extra in Port Colborne. 11/1951 Later converted to Express car. See below.
George Krambles/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Express car 82 (NS&T 1925) converted 1956 from coach.
Welland Avenue Yard, St.Catharines, Ontario. 8/16/1956 Eugene Van Dusen

82 running Extra at Port Colborne. Check out that Ford! Joseph Testagrose Collection

83 loading passengers with both poles up as car prepares for return trip. Port Colborne Joseph Testagrose Collection

NS&T 83 in old colours (1939-1955). Note destination sign Niagara Falls New York.
Note too the Yellow Coach CNT bus. St.Catharines 7/04/1953 Jim Shuman

Interurban car 83 (NS&T 1925) on the photogenic Martindale Trestle, Port Dalhousie line.
7/1958 Eugene Van Dusen

Car 83 running extra past Lake Gibson. 7/4/1958 Eugene Van Dusen

Car 83 on Elm Street at Killaly Street West, Port Colborne. 7/5/1958 Eugene Van Dusen

City car 100 in Niagara Falls. Brill 1912. Summer 1946 Eugene Van Dusen

Classic wooden interurban car 130 (Preston Car & Coach 1914) crossing trestle in a most picturesque scene near Welland.
7/4/1953 Wm.Janssen

NOTE: This car was preserved at
Rail City, a very early tourist railway in New York state.
Unfortunately it deteriorated from neglect and was scrapped. No NS&T equipment exists.

Combine 132 (64 seats 50' 0" 38-tons Preston 1914) trails another interurban car on
Victoria Ave. at Roberts St. in Niagara Falls. 7/07/1946 Jim Shuman

Note: Cars 132, 133 and 134 had a door on one side only.

City car 303 44 seats 42' 6" 16-tons Cincinnati/NS&T 1926 Dispatcher's booth at right.
Lakeside Park, Port Dalhousie 11/25/1948 Jim Shuman

NS&T 620 transferred 1956 ex M&SC 620, 1939 nee WE&LS 500) 50 seats 51' 2" 34 tons Ottawa Car 1930
Leaving Elm Street, Port Colborne 7/25/1957 George Krambles/

Radial car 623 (1956 ex M&SC 623, 1939 nee WE&LS 503) crossing a diamond. Ottawa Car 1930

Car 623 running Extra (likely a railfan excursion) in Port Colborne. 1951 R.R.Andrews

623 at very end of track about to return northward. Note both poles are up until motorman pulls front one down.

623 at end of run in Thorold. Note both poles up as direction of car is changed.
5/30/1958 Paul McGrane Collection

NS&T Gallery 2

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