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Canadian National Railways

Mount Royal Tunnel

Formerly Mount Royal Tunnel and Terminal Company Limited owned by Canadian Northern. Regular operation through the 3.15 mile long double-tracked tunnel began October 21, 1918 giving CNoR access to downtown Montreal to better compete on intercity service with Grand Trunk and Canadian Pacific both of which had terminals downtown. This heavy duty electric operation remains an important commuter service for the Montreal area.

MacKenzie, Mann and Company was the construction contractor for this project. One of Canada's largest railway contractors it too was owned by Canadian Northern principals William Mackenzie and Donald Mann.

Air plant

Electrification The Electrical News June 15, 1914

AMT 946 leads EXO 945 the last train through Mount Royal Tunnel. May 8, 2020 Abandoned Mont-Royal Station

REM Light Rail will replace these trains on this route when construction is finished in about three years.


Aerial view of Tunnel Terminal (upper left) 1918.
Saint James Cathedral. Largest church in Quebec 1894.
Building at bottom is Sun Life Insurance.
Separated by Dorchester Blvd.

Description of area.

Here is the site today:


Here is a view showing the courtyard inside then original wing.
The north end of the newer building is the same height but built up throughout.


CN 186 with commuter train in Montreal 5/1967. A.J.Schill/Joseph Testagrose Collection.
Acquired 1940 Montreal Harbour Commission Terminal Railway 107.

One of nine boxcab 101 ton 1100 hp 2400 Volt D.C. units built by English Electric/Beyer Peacock 1926

6711 (nee CNor) 601 exiting Mount Royal tunnel at Portal Heights. 6/30/1975

6712 leads sister and a long afternoon northbound train. Mount Royal July 1983 Clayton Langstaff

6714_6713 with evening rush hour train nearing end of its run. August 21, 1980

Note the differences in the headlight and illuminated number board location compared to 6712 above.
Mount Royal July 1983 Clayton Langstaff

6710_6711 pulling VIA 6540 and consist. June 15, 1984.

6723 Mount Royal July 1983 Clayton Langstaff

6724 (ex 185 nee MHCT 109) Last boxcab. Built 1926. Pointe St. Charles October 6, 1991 Pierre Fournier

6725 (ex 200) first center cab and 6727 nearing the end of their suburban run. August 21, 1980

Two views of long commuter train coming and going hauled by a pair of newer GE center cab 1100hp 86-ton locos.

Two photos: Raymond S. Farand

6733 (ex M-4) one of 6 m.u. motors siting all by itself in Montreal. 88 seats 340 HP CC&F 1952
August 8, 1989 Pierre Fournier

9186 one of nine boxcab 101 ton 1100 hp 2400 Volt D.C. units built by English Electric/Beyer Peacock 1926
Acquired 1940 from National Harbours Board (Montreal).
Re# 186 11/1949 re# 6718 2/1969


180_188 Mount Royal 9/24/1964 Doug. E. Cummings

187 Bud Laws Collection 9/1951

201 (200-202) 1100 HP 86-tons GE 30358 7/1950 Re# 6726 3/1969
Montreal 9/01/1956 E.Keilty/H.N.Proctor Collection

201 and M-5 side-by-side at Mount Royal 8/31/1957


All electric locomotives were retired in 1995.

6710 acq. 1995. On display Deux-Montagnes 4/1/2003 Pierre Lacombe

6710 relocated (repainted) opposite Grand-Moulin Station 400 Deux-Montagnes Blvd.
ex CN 6710:2nd, ex 100, ex 9100 nee CNoR 600 GE 4608 1914
October 3, 2020 Duex-Montagnes, QC

CN 6711 (nee CNoR 601) acq. 6/1995 Inside CRM, Delson. Exporail Saint Constant, QC. 6/30/1975



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