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Andrew Merrilees Ltd.

West Toronto

Unidentified Plymouth, GE 70-tonner 12 #30453 8/1950 ex Frisco 12 nee Okmulgee Northern 7,
sold 12/1968 LASCO 2, Whitby. AAMX 353 SW1 ex EL 353 nee DL&W 431 EMD #1052 4/19/1940.
was sold to Simplot Chemicals, Brandon, Manitoba

Re-acquired in 3/1977 and again re-sold 3/1978 to United Grain Growers 001, in Vancouver.
CPR Mac Tier Sub. in foreground, West Toronto Diamond out of sight to the right. Doug Hately

This 1967 catalogue features AAMX 353 SW1 The only unit ever lettered in full, likely just for this photograph.
Old Time Trains Archives

Cardinal, Ontario

AMLX (Andrew Merrilees Ltd.) 9 Three month lease then sold 1989 to CASCO (ex CN 7162)
GMD SW8 A192 3/1951 January 5, 1989 Fred Clark

CASCO #9, (ex CN 7162) SW8 Cardinal, March 23, 1999. Gord Strathdee

Note: 9/2001 to Andrew Merrilees (D); 2002, to National Gypsum Canada Ltd. 507,
Milford Station, Nova Scotia.

Merrilees un-numbered GE 45-tonner. Identity unknown.
Its stay was short-lived. Summer of 2000 Oliver Mc.Kee


Andrew Merrilees ex St.Lawrence & Raquette River 10 formerly Norwood & St.Lawrence 10 acq. c.7/1985
Its time here was also short-lived. 70-ton GE 32567 4/1956 Summer of 2000 Oliver Mc.Kee



IREX 200 acq. 12/1972 (ex LPCO 1) 70-ton GE 32507 2/1956

Note: LPCO 1 was Lehigh Portland Cement, Silver Springs, MD.
9/1973 sold to unknown buyer in Dominican Republic.

IREX 204 ex St.J&LC 204 nee L&HR 4 RS-3 1600 HP Alco #78292 9/1950
East Deerfield, Mass. 10/08/1979 enroute Dyno Nobel Inc.

IREX 53678 70-tonner CNR Fort Erie, Ont. 6/08/1975 enroute Kapuskasing Tim Vermande

IREX 5 ex EL 355 nee DL&W 433 SW1 600 HP EMD #1054 4/1940
CP Rail Toronto Yard January 7/1973 Robbin Rekiel

Unit had just arrived from US, and had been leased by Industrial Railway Equipment (IREX) as VTR 5.
IREX was AAM's US subsidiary. It was sold 6/1974 to Stelco 5, Edmonton, Alta. Retired 1987.
Note: At the time these two 33-year old, 99 ton yard engines were the biggest diesels sold by Merrilees.


A very rough looking LDSX 0178 acq. 2/2003 ex AAM (D) nee CN 1218 SW1200RS GMD A759 5/1956
Sarnia December 2003 Shaun Hinz

Note: Merrilees changed trucks making this a straight SW1200.
Unit had long been leased (1992-2003) to Petromont (formerly, Union Carbide) in Montreal.

No.3 acq. 12/1969 ex NHB No.3 (Quebec City) GE 80-tonner 31867 9/1953
Re-sold 10/1970 Sysco 7.

AMLX 401 ex FDDM&S 401 GE 32207 12/1953
Sold 8/1972 Santa Maria Valley 70

ex FDDM&S 411 70-ton m.u. GE #30381 1/1950
CNR Toronto Yard enroute AAM October 18/1970 David M. More
nee Arkansas & Ozarks 900. Colour views of 407 in Iowa also, D&CIR 600

One of 14 70-tonners bought 6/1969 following take over of D&CI and FDDM&S by C&NW which promptly disposed of the entire fleet of 70-tonners of this historic one-time electric interurban railway. Many were themselves second-hand acquired from other shortlines such as Arkansas & Ozarks (2), Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern (2), Tallulah Falls (2), and Unadilla Valley (1) upon their abandonment. These represented the entire roster of the tiny shortlines, typical of many little shortlines that survived because of the savings afforded by these dependable GE 70-tonners that replaced costly to operate old steam locomotives. Four were sold by Merrilees 12/1969 to Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting, which no doubt paid for the entire fleet!

51 (ex WAB 51) 43-ton 300 HP GE 12496 7/1939 West Toronto 7/1961
Sold 4/1967 Atlas Steels Tracey (Sorel), Quebec.
Preserved 8/1994 at ECRM St.Thomas ON.

Unidentified Plymouth. West Toronto, August 4, 1969. Gord Strathdee

Former Plymouth Cordage, Welland, 0-4-0 compressed air locomotive built by Porter #3500 5/1906
to a strange gauge of 40 1/2". Acquired 5/1956 for display. March 1969 Gord Billinghurst


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