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Canada Crushed Stone

Formerly; Canada Cut and Crushed Stone, Dundas.
Originally owned by Doolittle & Wilcox. (1911 article)
History: Dundas Valley Historical Society (link)

Extra 1229 West with 1324 and 1234 passing under overhead conveyor. May 1968

Handling air hoses prior to box car being pulled up incline. Could be same train above. May 1968

Here it is nearing the top. Can there be more?

Number 11 about to dump its load. May 1968

Number 7 sitting. May 1968

Aerial view of operations circa 1939. Brow quarry no longer in use.
Dundas Historical Museum and Archives

Brow quarry prior to April 1922 fire. Dundas Historical Museum and Archives

Brow quarry circa 1912-1915 Dundas Historical Museum and Archives

Badly damaged undated photograph showing early view of quarry operation complete with movable temporary tracks.
Short trains of dunp cars hauled by dinky engines as small 0-4-0T tank engines were called.
Marion shovel model 92 was a heavy duty steam shovel numbered 5, owned by Doolittle & Wilcox Ltd.

Old brow landfill and lower stockpile. c.1989


Dump motor 8 is hiding most of D&H 2574 hopper car and an old CNR wooden box car.

Electric dump motor 10. July 02/1951 Eugene Van Dusen

Electric dump motor 11 with two additional dump cars.

There were four (8-11) of these side dump motors with four 40 hp Westinghouse motors
(later upgraded to 48 hp) built by Canadian Car & Foundry in 1933,
and 8 non-motorized side dump cars built by Easton (PA) Car & Foundry.

These colour slides were taken by Al Howlett in May and August 1974.
The electric operation was shut down in 1975.

Electric dump motor 8 with two dump cars at dumper.

Electric dump motor 9

Electric dump motor 9

Close-up of ground throw style switch.

Split rail derail. CNR main line at right.

Not even a Shay geared engine could get up this incredible incline! Cars had to be winched up this seldom used connection.

Switchback (above) and hoisting drum (below).


Electric dump motor 11 hauling two additional dump cars, at loading silo. Robert J. Sandusky

Dump motor 8 passing 11. Note unique two-pole side trolley system! Robert J. Sandusky

Electric dump motor 11, near the dumper at the top of the escarpment in Dundas.
July 18, 1971 Gord Strathdee

internal combustion

7 Plymouth 24-ton HLC (127 hp diesel) #2669 7/1927 acq. 7/1930 ex TP&W 99
1952 Robert J. Sandusky

Plymouth 7 (specs. below) in the aggregate yard at the foot of the escarpment in Dundas.
August 18, 1974 Gord Strathdee

Two views of well-worn dinky 7. Al Howlett


Subsequent owners


Ex Canada Crushed Stone Co.7, (seen at Paikin (D) Hamilton Apr.24, 1982) Gord Strathdee

Ex Canada Crushed Stone 12 GE 25-ton #31562 5/1952
Hamilton, August 6, 1981 Paikin (D) Gord Strathdee

Westbound CN #425 9507_9411_9501_2108 with a long string of TOFC up front climbs the grade at mile 4.4 Dundas Subdivision. 4/05/1988 Arnold W. Mooney

The remnants of old Canada Crushed Stone operation can be seen on the hillside. (This business shut down around 1974). Abandoned CCS loadout structure in the background was approximately opposite Steetley. A siding on the south side is still in, CN Maintenance of Way used this track frequently. In the lower level, the lead to the old Steetley dolomite operations (as well as one time a TH&B connection) was taken up in October 1985. That is Sydenham Rd. bridge in the background.

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