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UPM-Kymmene Miramichi Inc

The UPM-Kymmene Miramichi Inc. groundwood pulpmill is located on the south bank of the Miramichi River, in the community formerly known as Nelson-Miramichi, at the confluence of the Northwest and Southwest Miramichi Rivers.

The ground wood mill was constructed in 1963 and went into production in 1964 as 250 tonne per day stone groundwood operation. It was known, at that time, as South Nelson Forest Products Corporation.

In 1966, Lantic Sugar purchased the mill, renamed it Acadia Pulp & Paper and expanded its production to 340 tonnes per day. Acadia Forest Products acquired the mill in 1974 and installed a 110-foot diameter primary effluent clarifier and a peroxide and hydrosulfite bleachplant. In 1985, the groundwood mill and the kraft & paper mill (located on the north side of the Miramichi River in the community formerly known as Newcastle) were incorporated into a new company named Miramichi Pulp & Paper Inc. In 1990, the bleaching process was converted to a hydrogen peroxide plant. In 1995, Repap acquired the kraft & paper and groundwood facilities. That year, Repap installed secondary effluent treatment at the groundwood mill in the form of a sequencing batch reactor system with a diffuser outfall in the channel of the Southwest Miramichi.

Most recently, in October 2000, UPM-Kymmene of Finland purchased the mill and is currently operating the mill as UPM-Kymmene Miramichi Inc. Today the mill produces approximately 340 tonnes per day of stone groundwood pulp which is used primarily as a feedstock for the coated paper machines at the Newcastle papermill. Current upgrading of equipment will increase mill production to approximately 380 tonnes per day. June 2005.

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