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H^opital St. Jean de Dieu Railway
Formerly, Longue Point Asylum Railway

Founded in 1873 it was long known as a lunatic asylum, the usual term applied to mental patients.
The Government of Quebec built this facility in east end Montreal turning over its operation to the Sisters of Providence.
In 1897 it was expanded to 800 acres with over 1500 patients.
Re-named in 1976 Louis-H. Lafontaine Hospital it still operates as a mental health facility.

Operated a 2.8 mile electric railway between the hospital on Montreal Island to Montreal Wharf
starting in 1897. In 1903, a junction was built to connect with Montreal Terminal Ry.

There was also a unique narrow gauge electric railway INSIDE the hospital!
It is not known when the tramway was discontinued.

Interior tramway of the Saint-Jean-de-Dieu Hospital.

It was composed of 2 rows of seven 40' x 200' pavilions arranged on both sides
of a broad avenue and connected by a system of corridors, 10 ft wide and 600 feet long.

"Saint-Raphael" train. May have been named rather than numbered. Other names likely for additional trains.

Note the elaborate track layout with multiple switches.


LCL freight, coal, farm produce etc. was also carried.



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