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Hamilton and Dundas Street Ry.

Incorp. 1875 to build a steam railway between Hamilton and Dundas, Ontario.
January 1, 1898 operations were electrified.
Terminal point changed in 1907 to Hamilton Terminal Station.
Operations ended September 5, 1923.

Steam dummy locomotive 4 a Baldwin compound engine.
Aberdeen Avenue, Ainslie Wood, Bambergers. above coach windows.
Old Time Trains Digital Archives/digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy

This photograph includes engineer William (Billy) MacDonald. 1887 Note link and pin coupler!
Old Time Trains Digital Archives/digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy

This information came from an old Hamilton newspaper (dated unknown), provided by Clare Crozier
of an interview with Henry Wickcliffe Harrison, who joined the crew as a brakeman of the Dummy in 1884, at age-14.

According to Harrison, a round trip ticket cost 25-cents, one-way was 15-cents, and during the months of July and August there were 'special' evening excursion rates of 10-cents. At the time of the interview Harrison, who was then living in Fort Worth, Texas, was visiting friends in Hamilton.

THE ROUTE: You have to remember street names have changed over the years. According to this newspaper article the tracks went from Hamilton to Dundas via the following route:

Main Street to McNabb Street South on Hannah (now Charlton Avenue) West on Queen South to
Aberdeen West on Concession past the Rifle Ranges to Ainslie's Woods and Cline Park (today's Main Street West - west of Longwood Road) Past Cline's Lane (Cline Avenue) to Stroud's Lane to the Half Way-House (this would be Bamberger's Half-Way House - across from today's McMaster University Medical Centre) Through the Fields and Orchards to the top of Sandbank Creek North to the Dundas Marsh Along Dundas Creek to Dundas Up Dundas and Hatt Streets to the Dundas railway station at Hatt and Foundry Streets.

NOTE: Extra engines were needed to make the climb up the McNabb and Sandbank Cut Grades. In 1900 the terminus was moved from Ferguson Avenue to the corner of James and Gore Streets.The McNab and Charlton route was abandoned and the trolley line went east on Herkimer, Then North on James to Gore. In Dundas the line was extended west to Fisher's Mill, then located on the site of the former Dundas High School.


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