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Toronto Civic Railways

City of Toronto City Engineer's Department


Toronto Civic Railways was created 1911 by the City of Toronto to provide service to expanding areas of the city not served by the Toronto Railway Company. The former Town of East Toronto was first to get a new streetcar line on Gerrard Street.

Heavy construction projects in this era were done using temporary railway lines often narrow gauge and aided by steam shovels and much manpower. In this instance six 0-4-0T saddle tank steam engines, 40 dump cars and a Marion shovel along with track etc. were acquired in 1911 for less than $50,000!

Official opening of the first line, Gerrard, took place on December 18th. 1912.

The longest line was the Danforth route running 3.39 miiles between Broadview and Luttrell opening October 30, 1913.


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Newly delivered "dinky" engines built by H.K.Porter Co. 4900 1911 to 36" gauge.
August 28, 1911 City of Toronto Archives

Gerrard Street Line under construction showing transhipping of ballast from standard gauge cars.
July 18, 1912 City of Toronto Archives

Morley Avenue (now Woodfield Road) fill on Gerrard line. July 18, 1912


St. Clair Car Line

Ossington Avenue fill on St. Clair Avenue. July 17, 1912




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