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British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
Formerly (prior 3/30/1962), British Columbia Electric Railway

Carrall Street Vancouver

Carrall Street yard was originally the west end of the Central Park interurban line and was the industrial area south of the BCER terminal building at Carrall and Hastings. When the Central Park line was abandoned Carrall Street yard became isolated from the rest of the railway and its only connection to the outside world was through the CPR. Here the last two Baldwin-Westinghouse steeple cab electric locomotives carried on switching industries until electric operations ended
October 1970.

Early in 1946 BCE acquired four electric locomotives from the Oregon Electric Railway in Portland which had ended operations July 10, 1945. OE 21-24 became BCER 961, 960, 962 and a parts loco. They were in service June 1946.

All photos 1970 Sorrensen Collection courtesy of Andy Cassidy

BCH&PA 960 Carrall Street 1970

960 Keefer Street

960 Georgia Street viaduct

961 and 960


961 still with BCE logo on cab opposite side of number. Carrall Street.
Note the B/A Oil gas station sign and Brill trolley bus.

B/A Oil history

961 still has only the small BCE logo long after take over by BCH&PA. 5/19/1963

Edmonton Transit

Edmonton Transit 2001 ex BCH 961 Edmonton 6/23/1982


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