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Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario

Queenston-Chippawa Power Station

The Queenston-Chippawa area near Niagara Falls was where work began in 1918 to build the largest power plant in the world. Adam Beck No.1 Generating Station opened in late December 1921, producing 300,000 horse power of electricity. Between those two dates much construction work was done to bring Lake Erie water up the Welland River, along an 8 1/2 mile canal to reach to the site. More than two dozen electric and steam locomotives along with hundreds of dump cars were required to remove about 37 million cubic yards of material.

E9 50-ton 600 volt 400 HP NSC/W 1918. Ontario Hydro Archives
(Note the offset wires and 4 poles)

24 of these electric locomotives were built, 12 by National Steel Car with Westinghouse electrical equipment and 12 by Canadian Car & Foundry with CGE electrical equipment. These were all were sold off afterwards with the largest number going to International Nickel: 1926, INCO 101-106; Chatham, Wallaceburg & Lake Erie (following its abandonment, sold in 1930 to INCO 108). 1928 INCO 107. They served the vast INCO complex for another 38 years until retired in 1984.
Two remained in storage.

E-8 NSC/Westinghouse 1918


E-9 NSC/Westinghouse 1918
One of three sold 1926 to Stelco rebuilt as gas loco.

E-19 CC&F 1918

Above three views 1919 Collection of Ray Hoadley

A similar number of steam locomotives were also acquired for parts of this construction project, most new, some used.
They too were sold off to various Ontario industries.

HEPC 36, acq. 3/1917 (ex PRR 1215, 1 of 6 acq.) 0-4-0 PRR #1597 6/1903. Shown 1919.
Niagara Falls Public Library

Several construction locomotives lining up for water. October 22, 1918. National Archives PA 71189

HEPC 46 0-4-0T Alco (Cooke) #62557 9/1920
Sold 8/1922 to Deloro Smelting & Refining Closed 1961.

Sir Adam Beck Niagara Generating Station #1
(Originally, Queenston-Chippawa Power Station)


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