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Old Union Station 1873-1927

Map 1890

Plan drawing 1896
Toronto Public Library Virtual Exhibit

G1c 1104 (CPR 1478 11/1906) represented the best in passenger power. c.1909
Note the experimental slotted stack to deflect smoke. Became G2b 2504 5/1913

GTR 1027 at far left. Canadian Express wagon. 1907

York Street bridge looking west towards freight shed. 1907



1884 view from
south east.

Smoky view!

Inside view train shed.

Front Street entrance,
looking east, 1907.

York Street bridge.
Heating plant

York Street area after replacement of bridge with subway, September 1927.

Looking west, 1916



John St. coach yard, freight sheds, roundhouse 1927.


Look west at track level. June 15, 1927

Demolition of south trainshed,
July 1927.

South side of station after demolition of trainshed.

CNR & CPR trains sit
side-by-side on last day,
August 10,1927.



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