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TTR Cabin D

There is a lot to see in this view taken from Bathurst Street bridge looking west. The yard engine is on the King Street Shed lead (which once required a staff to use it) and is crossing the double tracked CNR Weston Subdivision. Note the dwarf signals. Hidden to the left behind TTR Cabin D Interlocking tower (Mile 1.2) is the Tecumseh Street interlocking tower (staffed by CPR) at Mile 1.3 (TTR ended just west of here) of the double track Galt Subdivision which curves behind Cabin D. (It begins at the center of Union Station). Orange automobile is on Strachan Avenue level crossing where the CNR gate tower divides the CPR and CNR rights-of-way. Note CP Rail van with yellow ends sitting in Parkdale Yard. Yard Office is out of sight in the distance. High rise apartment building is on Dufferin Street south of King Street. Large industry to left of CPR floodlight tower is the John Inglis plant. Huge mound of earth behind signal seen over the roof of Cabin D is the "dump" where runaway cars were stopped. Tecumseh Tower only lined the track when a movement was imminent. Cars sometimes tipped over to the warehouse next to it! Cabin D was removed in 1983 due to track changes and a temporary facility replaced it until CTC was extended through here September 30, 1986.

Looking north-west. Dave Macdougall

Looking south east towards Bathurst Street bridge on its original alignment. April 5, 1916


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