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GTR/CNR Riverdale station

Note: In 1907 this station was renamed from Queen Street East built 1896.

Note: This viaduct area is beyond the Toronto Terminals Railway.

Beginning of grade separation starts with trestle to bring in fill. Relocated CNR Riverdale station and main line at left.
Note diamond for industry siding behind surveyors.

Earlier view of CNR Riverdale station relocated to new site before main line relocated.

One year later, track being laid on new grade (looking north) from Queen Street East at De Grassi Street, far left.
Note disconnected old track in front of station.

Low level view looking south with single dead end track remaining in front of station.

This is the dangerous level crossing with double track main line and double track streetcar diamond. Circa 1915 view.
Here at 6:35 p.m. on November 17, 1904 a wooden streetcar #642 crashed through lowered gates and was hit
by a GTR freight train with bad results. Three passengers were killed and 17 injured. Note the Mack solid tire truck.

This very interesting scene shows the first steel girders being placed over Queen Street East. Looking east.
Hamilton Bridge Works Company Limited had its own steam crane especially for this type of work.

Retaining wall along De Grassi Street being started. Note what appears to be a small passenger shelter at track level

The completed street scene with traffic able to pass safely through a subway under the CNR main line.

Long-closed (1932) station rented out to tenant. In this case La Mouzi Carpet Layers (two signs). Pontiac torpedo shaped automobile was once the "in" thing (1940-48). Note too the clipon fender guide. Remember those? In later years there were other tenants including a grape dealer. For years there were grape sellers located at little team tracks all over Toronto. None wanted to be near any other seller and were thus a nusiance to the yard engine crews. A large Italian population were mostly their regular customers. This was from the era when railways NEVER sold off any property. They rented it out for ongoing income year after ye ar. January 20, 1952 Toronto Public Library/James V. Salmon Collection


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