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Later Years in the Junction

TTC 4741 Dundas car route destined to the ferry docks. Dundas Street West and Keele Street. 1965

Northwest corner with famous Campbell Block built 1888. Late 2014 under major restoration. (see below)
United Cigar Store a chain of tobacco and confectionary stores. Others include Lea Drugs,
Laura Secord candies, Agnew-Surpass shoe store chain, Morse Jewellers chain.

Chuckman's Photos

Opposite corner. Two Dundas cars (4393, 4352) passing each other the one on the left destined Runnymede loop.
East of Keele was mostly small independent businesses. Trolley coach wires visible on Keele. 6/26/1967.
Robert D. McMann. ENLARGE

Dundas at Quebec Street. Dundas car is eastbound to ferry Docks. North side businesses include G.Indovina grocery,
a gun, fish and tackle shop, Export cigarett sign includes smaller sign for billiards parlor. Wright Bros. furniture.
Southwest corner, Gaffe's Drugs with Rexall Drugs and Devon Ice Cream signs above. 1965.

Dundas at Runnymede Road northeast corner Runnymede Pharmacy, Chuck's Motor Sales, beauty salon.
Dundas car will turn right and then left into Runnymede Loop. Destination sign already changed.
Trolley Coach wires already in place indicating end is near for streetcars on Dundas north of Bloor Street
following opening in May of the Bloor-Danforth Subway extension. 1968.

TTC 4714 (acq.1952 ex Birmingham Electric Co. 815 Pullman 1946. One of 48 identical cars acquired from Birmingham Transit in Alabama as they went to buses like many other US systems. This allowed the TTC to acquire a large number of relatively new PCC's from various cities.) Signed for Dundas route destined to Runnymede shown here in 1962 westbound
at Keele Street in front of Pennington's Large Size Shops, a chain of ladies clothing stores. Upstairs is a pool hall, note the billiards sign. Sandlers Appliances and furniture store behind the car. John Thompson Collection/WTJHS Archives

TTC 4363 Class A6 PCC (CC&F 1948) on Dundas route destined for Broadview (subway) Station. The end is near (May 10-11/1968) for streetcar service in the Junction following opening of the Bloor subway line extension. Overhead wires are already in place for the Trolley Coaches that will replace the streetcars. Note: Corner Bargain Store sits where once was a United Cigar chain store in the historic Campbell Block building dating from 1888.

April 1968 John Thompson/West Toronto Junction Historical Society archives.

Brill trolley coach eastbound approaching Keele Street. Streetcar tracks and overhead wires are still in place.
Businesses include Morse Jewellers, Alps Restaurant, Kresge's and Woolworth stores.
At left near to TTC Stop is Bank of Montreal which still exists in 2022.

Street scene shows lack of tracks and overhead TTC wires with service provided by diesel buses on both
Dundas Street West and Keele Street. In addition all hydro wires on Dundas (Runnymede-Dupont) were buried.
Note new style street lights leaving this clean appearance. ENLARGE

In recent years an independent submarine sandwich shop used this location in the historic Campbell Block building.

TTC 8023 pulling away from stop and crossing Keele Street eastbound to Dundas West Station. Circa 2018.

A&W 24 hour commands corner of restored building now containing
new apartments as Campbell Lofts at 2870 Dundas Street West.

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