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Ontario Southland Railway

Woodstock Area

Traffic to and from CP and CN including CAMI.

All photographs: Walter Pfefferle unless otherwise credited.

1594 1620 both spotless, with their train leaving Woodstock yard for Ingersoll. August 6, 2018.
Note the CWR (Contineous Welded Rail) on CPR Galt Sub. main (middle) track. Tim Stevens

CN 585 with 4138_4131 handles CN's CAMI traffic. Mile 59.0 Dundas Sub. VIA station far right. Nov. 27, 2016

1400_1620 running on undulating track returning from Woodstock to Ingersoll
with a cut of covered hoppers plus multis for CAMI. 10/28/2016 Dave Seitzer

6508_1620 switching far end of Woodstock yard on the CP Galt Sub. October 6, 2016

Exchanging traffic CP 3007_2276 passing OSR 378_383 sitting aside. CP Woodstock Yard. September 3, 2016

1401_1400 with the Woodstock_CAMI job running through Ingersoll. June 18, 2016 Steven McKay

Here is the same Woodstock-CAMI job having changed ends lifting empty muiltis from Coakley on CP Galt Sub.
After some moves in Woodstock they will return to CAMI. June 18, 2016 Steven McKay

1401_1400 crossing the CN Dundas Sub. at Carew low-speed diamond. October 30, 2015

6508_1620 with a cut of tank cars on headend.

6508_1620 with CAMI multis on the CP Galt Subdivision. Two views.

6508_1400_1401 all three covered wagons together.
Dundas Street, Woodstock. September 16, 2015

1401_1400 with CAMI multies. Woodstock September 15, 2015

First run of 1401 was on 6/27/2014 and 1400 on 12/19/2014 having needed a lot more work.

First day of operation 6508 in new paint scheme along with 1620 in similar scheme.
Shown here with high cube auto parts box and high cube reefer on headend. August 26, 2015

GP7's 383_378 from West Coakley with multis for Cami. Woodstock 8/24/2015

Drone view with 1244_8235 crossing CN main line at Mile 50.8 Dundas Subdivision.

1400_1401 with mixed freight crossing the diamond at Carew. This is one of the new-style diamonds.
High speed (60 mph) for (CN) mainline and very low speed for (CP) branchline.
Carew (Woodstock) April 28, 2015

Closeup shows main line rails are contineous. Branchline rails have special pieces to lift wheels over and across.

November 9, 2012

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