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Car Movers

Car movers are often incorrectly referred to as "track mobiles" which is actually a brand name just like Kleenex is for tissues, Scotch tape for cellulose tape, Band-Aids, Windex etc. Brands so common they become the term applied to all makes.
So it is with car movers. Trackmobile is a common make, others include Rail King, Shuttlewagon, Pettibone, etc.
Trackmobile is sold by Whiting Equipment in Welland a long-time railway connected industry that supplied transfer tables and turntables in the steam era. Rail King is sold through local dealer H. Broer in Alymer, Ontario who also leases small diesel units for local industries in the Welland area etc.

Ontario Southland



Shuttlewagon moves 646 at Salford shop. 9/27/2012 Walter Pfefferle


Rail Customers

Trackmobile, one of two car movers at Future Transfer at CN Tillsonburg Yard.

Trackmobile relocated from original Future location in Tillsonburg Yard.
281 Tillson Avenue, Tillsonburg.

Unknown make car mover Sylvite in St. Thomas


Rail King at Messenger in St. Thomas.

Unknown make at Traxxside Transload in Guelph


NOTE: If you know makers in above photos or have any other photos of car movers on OSR lines
such as the larger car mover at Future Transfer at Tillsonburg Yard, please CONTACT US


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