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ZTR Control Systems

BOA (Bolt On Adhesion) is a ZTR locomotive control system, specifically designed for retrofit to older, four-axle, DC generator-equipped locomotives, utilizing the auxiliary generator for excitation control. It has successfully demonstrated its ability to maximize the locomotive's available tractive effort under all weather and rail conditions, with minimal operator intervention.

This control system replaces many obsolete mechanical components, including the load regulator, with reliable solid state components. The system is designed to minimize installation time and maximize reliability.


SmartStart has demonstrated a proven effectiveness for automatically managing locomotive shutdown policies and slashing fuel costs and emissions. We can document this product effectiveness in having saved our customers millions of gallons of fuel.

Every hour of locomotive idling results in wasted fuel, needless engine wear, oil consumption, and undesirable emissions. That's why SmartStart's proven microprocessor technology not only manages locomotive shutdowns and restarts, but also delivers cost advantages that far outweigh most typical manual shutdown policies.

SmartStart features a built-in performance-tracking feature that precisely records and calculates all system activity. It lets you know how many times SmartStart shuts down your locomotives, for how long and how much you saved!

Each SmartStart system is custom-engineered for your locomotives, no matter what make or vintage. You receive accurate installation instructions for each system version.


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