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GJR Industrial Spur Mileage 30.88


1591_1210 pulling away. Short track at left was for a van to set off after shoving in here.

Leaving Owens_Corning plant. October 13, 2015 Tim Ball

Waitng for the conductor to normal the switch to the south leg of the wye. All done one this spur.

Flagging the crossing as 181 pulls out of Owens Corning plant. February 28, 2013 Michael Da Costa


180_506 backing westward on leg of wye after leaving train on main line (in left background).
Switch is at Mileage .81 of spur. Alice Street in foreground Mileage .82. November 6, 2005 David Young

Owens-Corning Canada Inc. (formerly, Fiberglas Canada) 247 York Road. Spur ends inside their property.
November 6, 2005 David Young


On December 5, 1933, Owens-Illinois, seeing the need for separate facilities for its bottling plants and its glass fiber research and manufacturing facilities, relocated its glass fiber operations to a closed bottling plant in Newark, Ohio. Throughout 1933 and 1934, Owens-Illinois expanded its research and manufacturing facilities in the Newark plant.

In 1935, realizing the potential growth of the glass fiber insulation market, Corning Glass, which had briefly experimented with glass fiber manufacturing in the 1920s, approached Owens-Illinois with a proposal to join forces in the production of glass fiber. Recognizing the benefits of Corning's knowledge of glass formulations, Owens-Illinois agreed to the proposal, and the companies decided to share the costs of glass fiber developments. In 1936, Owens-Illinois helped Corning Glass establish experimental glass wool and other equipment at Corning's Corning, New York plant.

"Fiberglas," spelled with one "S," was first used as a trademark of Owens-Illinois in January 1936 on all Owens-Illinois glass fiber products.

In 1938, experimental costs prompted Owens-Illinois and Corning Glass to consider spinning off the joint venture as a separate company. That same year, the patent for glass fiber manufacturing, originally applied for in 1935, was granted to Dale Kleist and Jack Thomas.

On November 1, 1938, Owens-Corning Fiberglas® Corporation was announced. By the end of 1938, Owens Corning reported sales of $2,555,000, and 632 employees.

Owens Corning and the Duplate Safety Glass Company established Fiberglas® Canada in 1939, launching Owens Corning into the international arena. Each founding company held a 50 percent share. Owens Corning would later own the entire Fiberglas® Canada operation.

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