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Guelph Junction Railway

North Industrial Spur
Joint Area GJR and GEXR

181_1210_504 switching Sanimax at 343 Woodlawn Road West. March 18, 2014 Michael Da Costa

Just west of Dawson Road GEXR train 580 backing west to Smurfit-MBI. Gon sitting on long-unused Euclid-Hitachi siding is likely for Metro Recycling to the left, formerly Armtec Construction Products (known as Armtec 2. Armtech 1 was on the main line near downtown.) July 28, 2006 David Young

180_506 after setting out a car (below) on Smurfit-MBI lead across Royal Road pulls ahead to remarshal it behind the van.

Smurfit-MBI plant fully spotted by GEXR with box cars ex CN.

Stopping to flag Imperial Road.

Shoving back, a tight squeeze!

Train returns eastward after shoving covered hopper car (in background) to PDI transload.
PDI truck scale in foreground.

Above five photographs: September 6, 2006 David Young


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