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Guelph Junction Railway

Lead Connecting GEXR Fergus North Spur, South Industrial Spur, North Industrial Spur,
Interchange track XT99, ABB plant (closed) and GJR main track.

GEXR 2210 waits on lead for OSR 181_505 to leave south leg of North Ind. Spur.
February 12, 2012 Tim Ball

Work done here, 181_505 is backing northward over busy Woodlawn Road West (Hwy. 6)
February 12, 2012 Tim Ball

181 on track XT-99 Interchange track. October 19, 2012 Tim Ball


Looking south towards northbound GEXR Train 580 on Fergus North Spur.
Abandoned former CNR Fergus Sub. in foreground.
Track going to the right connects to the Industrial lead.
Edinburgh Road North at the left.

Looking north on Industrial Lead. Cut off from train, crewman is throwing switch to back onto the South Ind. Spur.

Looking north up the Industrial Lead. Switch now lined for South Ind. Spur. Abandoned CNR Fergus Sub. at right.
Track to the left in distance is South Leg of the wye leading to the North Industrial Spur.
Track to the right in distance is transfer track XT99 for interchange.
Above three photographs: March 17, 2006 David Young

Switching across busy Woodland Road with cars on nose of engine shoving south to transfer track.
Abandoned CNR Fergus Subdivision right of way in foreground. Looking north west.
GJR main line is to the right beyond camera view.

Bulkhead flat car load of lumber being set off on the transfer for interchange to GJR.

LLPX 2236 GP38-2 EMD 75609-13 2/1976 nee LIRR 262 leased GEXR unit.
Above three photographs March 25, 2006 David Young

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