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New York & Ontario Railroad

Ottawa & New York Railway

Cornwall Bridge Accident 1898

The New York & Ottawa Railroad in the United States and the Ontario & New York Railway in Canada built a rail line
between Tupper Lake (Moira, NY) and Ottawa, Ontario crossing the St.Lawrence River near Cornwall on two bridges.
The American bridge was built by the Cornwall Bridge Company while the Canadian bridge was built by the O&NY.
These bridges were of two different types of construction

Unofotunately, disaster struck on October 6, 1892 while the American bridge was still under construction by Phoenix Bridge Company when it suddenly collapsed without warning killing 15 workers and injuring another 18. Phoenix was found at fault.

First chartered July 22, 1897 the line was under control of the New York Central for most of its existence (1905-1957)
when construction of the St.Lawrence Seaway brought about its demise due to high cost for new bridge construction
that would have been required for relativily low rail traffic.



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