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Canadian Pacific Railway

Sharbot Lake Mile 21.4 Havelock Subdivision

Located on the Ontario & Quebec mainline between Perth and Havelock, Sharbot Lake
was a crossing point of the Kingston & Pembroke. Both railways became part of the C.P.R.

A Sharbot Lake Story

Overall view of yard. Circa 1950's

Station staff all lined up for their photograph. Note poster at far left advertising Ottawa event featuring horses.
Note too the very early style train order board. 1903 Library and Archives Canada.

Old post card dated July 1921. Collection of Doug Birchill

This photograph, while believed to have been taken in the 1950's, might well have been taken decades earlier.
Look carefully at the station walls where four ancient oil lamps provided lighting! The lack of electric power was likely
due to its remote location to Hydro lines. A Royal Mail box is also located next to the chalk board. Al Paterson

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