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Last runs of Nos 35 and 36

Photos by an 18-year-old Bill Sanderson

I apologize for the quality of these photos but I believe them to be historically significant. April 23, 1960 (a Saturday actually), the final runs of CPR passenger trains #35 and #36 took place. For those of you who don't know, #35 and #36 were the daily-except-Sunday passenger trains which ran between Montreal and Toronto and operated during the daylight hours over the old Havelock and Peterboro subdivisions. As a young lad hanging around the station in Perth, Ont., I grew up with these trains - they were part of my life. So I wouldn't normally have occasion to take pictures of them unless the moment was notable.

The first two pictures show a 4-car #35 led by RS-10 #8466 stopped at Perth at around 1:15 pm on April 23, 1960. Except for Christmas and other holidays, this was the normal consist for the trains - 1 express, 1 baggage/mail and 2 coaches.

The last shot of a 5-car #36 (one extra heavyweight express car) with FP9A #1414 at Perth about 4:20 pm. These runs were almost exclusively the domain of the RS-10/RS-10s units, so the appearance of #1414 on #36 is somewhat of an anomaly. CP may have grabbed whatever was available for #36's last run and #1414 got the job. Other features are the stone-and wood water tank which stood at the east end of the station platform at Perth (the station's order boards can be seen behind
the first express car on #36), the double-track main line and the small shelter which stood across from the station and protected passengers waiting for westbound trains. Hope you enjoy them - they bring back a lot of great memories for me!!

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