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Canadian Pacific Railway

Trenton Division

Kingston Subdivision

Formerly, Kingston & Pembroke

a.k.a "Kick and Push"


Downtown Kingston. Freight shed in foreground. Yard and station behind.

453 at Sharbot Lake. April 3, 1955 Bruce Chapman Collection

Note: Preserved by famed railroad photographer O.Winston Link.
It was never operated was moved about and neglected.

Two views of D-10 807 east of the K&P station at the harbour end of Queen Street in Kingston.
Check out that 1953 Pontiac parked in front of Top Notch Feeds.

A Smiths Falls engine it was one of the last steam locomotives
to be given heavy repair at West Toronto erecting shop in 1958.

Turning CP 295037 a 40 foot automobile box car on "armstrong" turntable while 807 waits patiently.
Kingston 1956 D.H.Page

485 and 487 looking out of the wooden house while wooden truss rod combine is being turned on the table.
A scene that might have been from the 19th Century!
Kingston 1956 D.H.Page

Kingston Yard 1956


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