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Kawartha Lakes Railway

The Kawartha Lakes Railway was created on October 1, 1996 by the CPR as an internal shortline, a late 20th century method of local management and employee involvement utilizing an easing of restrictive union rules. It is still owned 100% by the CPR. There are no locomotives or other equipment owned or lettered for the KL. Diesels are "leased" from the CPR as required with maintenance included. Traffic is stagnant and its future is still undetermined. It is comprised of the Havelock Subdivision from Agincourt to the end of line at Mile 90.8, just past Havelock, and the entire Nephton Subdivision. There is also a small amount of former CNR track in Peterboro serving local industry including GE Canada.

3114 leads 1271_3043_3105_8215 at Simcoe Street North, Raglan. East of Myrtle. March 16, 2008
Note: 1271 is used to switch Peterboro industries mostly ex CN.

3114_1271_3043_3105_8215 eastbound with a hefty 57 cars approaching Ashburn Road west of Myrtle.
.March 16/2008

3032_8210_8200_3111 westbound with a mere 8 loads of silica sand from a mine on the Nepthon Sub.
Norwood Mile 99.68 Havelock Subdivision 1/28/2005

Note: By this time sufficient GP38's were available to put one on each end to lead in either direction.

8231_8208_8200 ready to depart with 19 empties for the mines. Havelock Yard February 3, 2005

Heading north at Mile 9.98 Nephton Subdivision. Same day.


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