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Eastbound train leaving the yard led by 4073 with 8768 another A unit and a SW8 for Oshawa Yard.
7089 working the Pulldown. Looking south. Markham Road at left, overpass in background over Belleville Sub.

8921 westbound on the Havelock Sub. leaving Toronto Yard with the Transfer passing Agincourt station in background.
Note the train order board indicating proceed, no orders for westbound but set at stop for eastbound. Only Havelock Subdivision passenger trains were governed by this order board. The transfer went down the Don to Parkdale on nights and days then on to West Toronto. Afternoon transfer ran across the North Toronto Sub. to Lambton Yard only in order to avoid the very busy freight traffic operations on 3-11 shift at Parkdale. April 1967 Photographer unknown.

4737-4571 with a long freight leaving westbound from A yard. 8/10/1984 Chuck Zeiler

4031 displaying signals (green flags) and 4427 with a symbol train in Toronto Yard. 5/31/1968 Bruce Chapman
Both units were part of the first orders of road units built by GMD. 4031 A103 9/1950 4427 A253 10/1951
4028-4037 (10 A units) 4424-4437 (14 units)

Note the five covered hopper cars behind the engines. In this era they were a tiny portion of the freight car fleet and used for only a few commodities primarily cement. Now, covered hoppers are used in great numbers for many commodities especially grain and plastic pellets.

Train Master 8913 and MLW FB1 4416 on 955 waiting to head to MacTier. April 27,1965 John Mellow

8594 RS-10s (MLW #81530 8/1956) in new CP Rail Action Red paint scheme leads RS-3 8458 (MLW 81045 11/1954)
and FA-1 4016 a unit with a history. Built 4/50 as 4014 FA-1 traded-in 3/66 to MLW on C-424 4249. 4014 was re-acquired and using major components of recently fire-damaged 8557 it was out-shopped by Angus 3/1966 long after "covered wagons" stopped being built it replaced an earlier unit with the same number built 8/1950, wrecked 8/1957 and rebuilt 11/1957 as RS-10s 8824. That is likely the conductor or tail-end trainman waiting to perform a pull-by inspection of
his train. Note the radio on the ground. Note the unique signal at far right. This is the Entrance Yard Track Indicators.
Toronto Yard June 1970


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