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Canadian Pacific Railway

Yard Engine Gallery: other Yards

St. Luc Yard Montreal

Booster unit B-101 MLW #77711 1/51 with 7039 Alco S2 #74457 1/46 St.Luc Jan. 1951 CPR

Two booster units (engine-less units with four traction motors) were built new and three 1000 HP Alco switchers
(7038-39-40) modified to power one booster unit. Two sets of units were used at the brand-new St.Luc hump yard.
Note: B-101 was converted at Weston 5/82 into Scale Test Car 420931.

B100 with 7039 and 7040 in three unit set with cabs at opposite ends. St.Luc 8/23/74 L.B.Chapman

In 1966 the need for more power resulted in the modification of units to work in three unit m.u. sets adding 7030 and 7033.

By 1976 there was a need further change and at that time several RS-3 road switchers were downgraded to yard service and modified with chop nose and operated in single or pairs. They were assigned to both Montreal and Winnipeg.


Chop-nose RS-3 modified for yard service. MLW #81038 11/54 St.Luc Pulldown Aug. 26,1976 L.B.Chapman

One of the first five RS-3's assigned to St.Luc beginning May 1, 1976. MLW #81039 11/54 July12, 1976 L.B.Chapman
Note lettering on cab below number "Hump Service". Later, two units were used, the trailing units did not get chopped.


Winnipeg Yard

8457 (MLW #81046 11/54) and 8438 (#81003 5/54) RS-3's in hump service Winnipeg.
May 23, 1977 L.B.Chapman

One-of-a-kind unit is 8470 only RS-10 chop nosed and modified for yard service.

Alyth hump yard, Calgary

8634 GP9 GMD A974 10/56 and 8904 CLC-FM H24-66 Train Master #2931 8/56
Alyth hump May 1975 E.D.Motis

One of three GP9's (8633-34-35) modified for hump service (12/70), these were the first units chop-nosed (1970-71).
The massive Train Masters were working out their last days in yard service.
8900, 8904 and 8905, the last three, were retired 6/76.

It took two units to replace one Train Master resulting in three unit hump sets. It was decided to use the last B units in the middle of these sets. The units were later re-numbered into a new yard unit series (6800) to better identify them. Two were for Alyth and two for Toronto Yard. Only the two Alyth units were done before this project was abruptly ended.

NOTE: 8633, 8634 and 8635 eventually became 1576, 1579 and 1580.

8635 4461 8633 with B unit added due to heavier hump switching. 4462 was also modified for this yard service.
8635 large Multimark 8633 small Multimark. Alyth 5/26/1977 Bruce Chapman

NOTE: Two further units were intended to be modified for Toronto Yard which used three sets of three GP9's two at a time with a third set for relief. Use of a B unit would have allowed two GP9's to be used elsewhere and eliminate the cost of maintaining two cabs. This was cancelled in the interest of better utilization by using all GP9's.

6801 (ex 4462 Ogden 7/83) F7B GMD A498 2/53 Note lettering Hump Service Only.
Shown later at Toronto Yard 5/27/92 L.B.Chapman

Note: Further conversions of two B units for Toronto Yard were cancelled in the interest of better power utilization.

Early in 1998, six SD40's were assigned to hump service at Alyth Yard replacing the GP's

5400 (ex QNS&L 204) and SOO 6450 (only SD40B ex BN 7600 nee SD40 6302) shoving towards the hump.
June 13, 1998 Bill Sanderson
Track in the foreground is the Brooks Subdivision. Intermodal yard in the background was later relocated.

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