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Empty Annex, now closed (June 30, 2005). Etobicoke Creek runs through the bushes in the background and beyond there is Mississauga. Looking west towards Dixie. Track in foreground is South Service Track, next is Stand Off track, then switch to unused dead end track. Far left is two tracks, both less than 1000 feet long. Far right is Galt Sub. three track main line. There was once a level crossing behind the camera, for North Queen Street which dead-ended just west of the crossing. It was closed when a new underpass and street West Mall was extended south to the Queensway was just beyond the building. North Queen was changed to run south to the Queensway. The small piece of North Queen Street to here was renamed Manstor Road. Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre is to the far left out of view beyond trees.

Three photos July 30, 2005 R.L.Kennedy

Only a small portion of the Shed remains along with the office building. Only one of the original four tracks is left, long unused.

Letters for "Interline" remain along with the faint outline of "Forwarders" on the office building.

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