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East Wharf

Looking east along Queen's Quay East. Redpath sugar refinery in foreground. Elevators in background. Railway sidings and box cars are all long gone from here.

This view looking east gives a better perspective of the Redpath location and its surroundings. Refinery and storage shed to the right with Toronto Star (newspaper) headquarters office tower bottom right. Victory Mills elevator beyond in middle with Dominion Malting almost hidden behind. Ashbridge's Bay above with THC Piers for cargo ships. Tall stack in right background is long-closed (1983) Ontario Hydro Hearn Generating Station. Tracks at east end of Union Station at far left. Elevated Gardiner Expressway in middle.

Victory Soya Mills elevators with Dominion Malting behind. Ashbridges Bay in middle. Hearn generating station in background.