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J. Walder/ J. Riddell Collection

The date is August 1,1953 and with its pop valves roaring, No. 6922 is seen backing off the shop track at Lambton Yard, ready for a day's work. At the throttle is engineer Bill Walder, watching as his son, James, preserves on film two C.P.R. veterans. No. 6922 was a V4a class 0-8-0 type yard engine originally built in April 1907 by the C.P.R. as No. 1668, a 2-8-0 "Consolidation", later renumbered in 1912 to No. 3468. During 1928 the C.P.R. carried out a rebuilding program, converting a number of M4 class light 2-8-0's to 0-8-0 yard engines and No. 6922 was rebuilt from No. 3468 at Angus in July 1928.
This locomotive saw a good deal of service in the Toronto area and was stationed at John Street along with No. 6931 when I worked there in the late 1940's and 1950's. Sometime during the mid-1950's No. 6922 was transferred to Montreal Terminals, working there until the summer of 1957, when it was retired and scrapped at Angus on November 1 of that year. While stationed at John Street, this engine was involved in at least one mishap that I know of. About 3:00 p.m. on June 19, 1952, while switching a cut of cars near Avenue Road overpass on the North Toronto cut-off, No. 6922 was hit by two locomotives and a van which were backing east to pick up a London freight. The double locomotives struck No. 6922's tender and turned it over, which in turn crushed the left side of the cab. Engineer Grant was able to jump clear but fireman White was pinned between the cab wall and boiler. A rescue crew worked for an hour with torches and bars and finally released White who sustained a broken leg and burns. No. 6922 was soon repaired at West Toronto Shops and saw five more years of service.

NOTE: The above text was written by Newton Rossiter. It is quite possible the 6922 was assigned to the North Toronto job at the time since it is shown here backing off the shop track headed east. Most Lambton yard engines were headed west.

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