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Canadian Pacific Railway

Waterdown North
Mile 5.5 Goderich Sub.

Renamed Waterdown following elimination of Waterdown South at M. 4.6.

Waterdown North in the 1960's. Al Paterson

Long used by W.R.Barnes (sand) for offices. 407 Parkside Drive, Waterdown
Note too Fitness Station. Rear view.

W R Barnes has been re-named Barnes Environmental.

Barnes Environmental’s roots extend back to 1870 as a supplier of foundry sands and construction aggregates. In the 1940’s, the company began recycling damaged septic drain and roofing tiles into products used for building tennis courts. In the 1950’s the company began to use refractory brick in products such as ladle gunning mixes for the metal-casting industy. In the 1970’s, their recycling was expanded to include sandblasting sands and other refractory products. Fines from the dust collectors of abrasive manufacturers were converted to additives in the cement and brick industry. In the 1980’s a larger emphasis was put on the ‘value-added’ process of recycling industrial minerals and the development of products using these materials. The company’s Certificate of Approval from the Government of Ontario authorizes it to handle a wide range of industrial byproducts and hazardous materials. There are only two such licenses in Ontario. BEI manufactures other products such as abrasives, high purity silica sands and bentonite clays. Barnes Environmental International became a division of Stake Technology Ltd. 7/01/1996.

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