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Streetsville Junction and Streetsville

There is a lot of activity in this great photograph from nearly a Century ago at the former Credit Valley Ry. station. Taken from atop the water tank, looking east, it shows a westbound passenger train from Toronto hauled by a near-new Pacific, coming to a stop. A station employee is about to hand up a piece of luggage to the baggage car. Onlookers watch the goings on. Note the bicycle and note too, the milk cans on branch platform to the left. Meanwhile, a freight off the Orangeville branch has cut the crossing and the engine can be seen in the distance making a lift or set off, while a westbound London freight is in the yard waiting for the "varnish" to depart. The small Pacific hotel sits in attractive surroundings, and while it is long gone, the station itself was moved in 1914 and became a residence. It still exists! Note: The passenger engine appears to be G1 class 4-6-2 1019. It bore that number only between November, 1910, having been renumbered from 1119, (built CPR Angus 2/1910), and renumbered again in January 1913 as 2219. So, that effectively dates this un-dated photograph! This station was located so far west of the little village, commuter passengers complained and a responsive railway built another station (known as the lower station) farther east near the present day GO station which in turn is east of the brick 1912 station more familiar to people.

Old post card view. Doug Birchill

Streetsville Junction, relocated to 78 William St, near the 1914 station, it was used as a residence for many decades.
In more recent years, Habitat for Humanity and currently VON Meals on Wheels. Rob Hughes

Streetsville "lower" station. Note unique off-set roof typical of many old shelters.
Also, milk cans waiting to be picked up.

Kids checking train times! It's February 1964 and there are still passenger trains to ride or just watch.
The 1956 green and white Meteor belonged to second hours (afternoon shift) operator Wm. E. Miller.
Note the line poles with six crossarms! Al Paterson

Passenger service has ended but, train order signals are still in use. Tom Zammit Collection

Streetsville station in 1981, long after passenger service ended. John D. Thompson
It was demolished October 22, 1982.

GO station and west parking lot. Close up below. Two views 2008 R.L.Kennedy

45 Thomas Street off Queen Street South.

Streetsville GO parking lot Old Station Street off Queen Street South. October 2002. R.L.Kennedy

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