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Yard Engines - Diesel


Lambton Yard Engines - Diesel

7020 brand new, first Toronto diesel, shown at the RIP track, West Toronto. Derek Boles collection
S-2 1000 HP Alco #72855 9/1944

Extra 7044 West a way freight just out of Lambton, west of Scarlett Road passing Lambton Park on the westward track of the Galt Sub. and approaching the Humber River bridge. Note the early paint scheme.
April 11, 1955. David M. More

Randy Masales Collection

6525 MLW 660HP S3 in Here Yard 11 at Lambton, where units were once refueled on track 13 in foreground
A pump house on a flat car (note roof at left) took fuel from tank cars. On nose of unit is an old wooden low-side gondola used for garbage which was dumped in Port Mc.Nicoll (at one time, Leaside). November 1955.

Randy Masales Collection

7077 MLW 1000HP S-2 on Lambton shop track. Equipped for road service, it worked local way freights etc. Note road features: combination pilot, illuminated front number board, classification lamps and chime air horn.
In the background are two 2200's, at right is 2236, sitting on the ashpit and likely just arrived off an Orr's Lake push, while the 2236 on the ready track appears to be an Assist to Orr's Lake for a West train. Nov.1955.
This was the first diesel delivered by Montreal Locomotive Works, in June 1948 following two weeks of display at the CNE in Toronto. It was retired 36 years later in August 1984 and donated in October to the Canadian Railway Museum in Delson, Quebec, now Exporail.

6708 one of only two GMD units assigned to Lambton. One was always used at Oshawa Yard
to switch the General Motors automobile plant! The other was a backup and assigned to
Way Freight Yard assignment at Lambton. GMD SW8 A236 7/1951
Paul Mc Grane Collection

A low point came in the early 1980's when 660HP MLW S3's were used on the two Lead jobs at Lambton. Some 660HP units, long overdue overhaul, were equipped with stack arrestor and roof-mounted deflectors
in an attempt to offset exhaust fumes in the cab. Shown here is 6523, last overhauled Angus 6/1970 (retired 2/1983), before and after modernized with roller bearing trucks which it received off 6525 retired 2/1981. R.L.Kennedy

6538 was one of the last units in old tuscan red and grey and with block lettering, (painted 9/1974),
equipped for road (way freight) service. Note combination pilot, front mounted illuminated number box,
and chime air horn. Also equipped with Watchman heater, note housing and stack in front of cab window.
6538 was retired July 1985 at age 30 years! R.L.Kennedy

6538 and 6539 both still in old block lettering. Freight office in right background.


West Toronto Roundhouse and Diesel Servicing Area.
This facility replaced Lambton Locomotive Dept.


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