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Robert J. Sandusky

1088 on Elora Mixed sits at the station in Orangeville. View of rear of train by dining room below. November 3, 1956


Extra 2238 South (likely this is the Fraxa Pickup) between the Forks of Credit and Inglewood. June 28, 1955

526 on Elora Mixed one mile west of Cataract. Combine 3351 also Business Car 35
carrying Division Superintendent on his monthly inspection tour.
Five photos; Tuesday, June 28, 1955.

Elora Mixed hauled by rare D-6 class 4-6-0 526 drifting through Belwood.
North British Locomotive, Glasgow, Scotland 16040 11/1903
(5/1921 converted from 3 cylinder compound).
Note: This was the last D6 on CPR roster scrapped 10/1955.

526 crossing the Shand Dam on the Grand River construction of which in 1942 required a diversion of the
Elora Subdivision between Belwood and Spires because of complete flooding of the right-of-way.

Same train arriving in Elora.

526 on the table being turned for the return trip.
Note: This is what is referred to as an "Armstrong" turntable.
It takes four strong arms to turn it!

Extra 2238 (Fraxa Pick Up) Meadowvale November 19, 1955
Note the flanger ahead of the van. Winter is approaching!

1263 #706 southbound stopped for one passenger at Meadowvale
May 1,1954.
Note Kaiser auto!

9051 and another RDC on first Dayliner run southbound Brampton October 13, 1956.
2238 steam yard.

1263 #706 s/b passing Snelgrove, meeting Extra 2238 South in March 17, 1956.

2238 leaves passing track after being overtaken by #706.
March 17, 1956

Extra 2230 South gets orders at Inglewood, September 4, 1954.

953 Elora Mixed north bound waits for time at Alton. Aug.15/1953.

Elora Mixed and Teeswater Mixed engines 526 and 492 at Orangeville, Aug.17/55.

999 2209 1017
three trains coupled for the assault on the steep grade up to Fraxa.
August 6, 1956

999 2209 van only
returning to
August 6, 1956

2238 and van dropping down Fraxa grade to Orangeville.
August 25, 1956

1081 shoving 8436
up the Fraxa grade.
August 3, 1957

Staff machine at Fraxa.


1263 #706 to Toronto waits during lunch counter stop at Orangeville. It's -12F in February 1956.

Orangeville roundhouse and yard, viewed from coaling tower, 8/1956.

963 M-747 Elora mixed at Fergus.
May 8, 1954


963 M-747 engine on turntable in Elora,
May 8, 1954.

1081 on Teeswater mixed taking water
at Gorrie.
August 3, 1957

1081 No.753 Teeswater mixed last run at Wingham.

1081 last run Mixed #753 Aug.3/57 backed up against dead-end in front of Teeswater stn.

Last Mixed #753
1081 at Wingham,
August 3/1957.

892 Mixed #715 at Durham.
September 7. 1953

Combine 3365 unloading express at Durham, Feb.16/57.
1057 on headend.

Combine 3357 with gas lights and leather seats.
Durham Sept. 7/1953

Saugeen River bridge at Walkerton, restricted to light D6 class engines.
1057 on other side.
February 16, 1957

Mixed in Walkerton Yard, 1057 on "armstrong" turntable.
February 16, 1957

      Abandoned abutments

The Bruce passenger service was using "conventional" equipment on December 25, 1958. No. 306 engine 1271 shown southbound crossing the Credit River at Mile 3.1 of the Orangeville Subdivision approaching Meadowvale.

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