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CNR Bonarlaw

Formerly CNoR/Central Ontario

The view is looking north at the rear end of CNR mixed train 313, stopped to load some express at Bonarlaw on March 27, 1959, fouling the diamond as it does so. I was riding the train and took advantage of the stop to grab this shot. On the head end was CNR's RS-3 3018 with Percy McTaggart as engineer. That lower-quadrant order board is actually aligned for the CPR. The two railways crossed at an acute angle with the station situated in the northeast quadrant of the diamond.
As it faced both lines it had a very angular footprint. It's all bicycle trails to-day. Bob Sandusky

Former Canadian Northern station at Bonarlaw (Mile 24.98 Maynooth Sub.) was situated right at the diamond with the
CPR (O&Q) old mainline (Mile 80.4 Havelock Sub.) and was used by both railways. Originally built for Central Ontario,
it finally became part of Canadian National Railways. The train is Trenton-Bancroft CNR Mixed 313 due at 9.05 a.m. on
Friday August the 8th. 1958. Note the large sign leaning against the station advertising the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. Al Paterson





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