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Tipp City


Tipp City, OH

A little north of Taylorsville Dam is Tipp City.  You can reach it from Vandalia via I-75 north to the Tipp exit at Route 571, or by following Canal Road north from Ross Road at the northern terminus of the park bike path. 

Tipp City Map Link

There are several locations on the way giving a range of settings from rural to small town. The track's intersection with Main Street is classic as it runs just a few feet from the buildings on the north side and is punctuated by the old B & O style block signal just north of the street.

Like Troy, it is hard to miss the approach as the distance from the north end of town to the south side is relatively short.  Trains usually begin to pick up speed quickly once the motive power approaches the last crossing in either direction.

There is a passing siding in Tipp just north of the Main Street grade crossing.  A good sign is any movement slowing to enter the siding (or slowing on the main for that matter) as it means an opposing direction approach by a second train.  As the track is close to the buildings, a 55mm lens or a small zoom works well. Note the map page shows the siding extending south of Main Street - no longer true.

Another location is on the south side of town at the intersection of South Third Street and the CSX.  The most direct route is to go east on Main Street (Rt. 571) from I-75 and turn right on to South Third Street (south). Proceed to grade crossing.  You can see the block signals and any train on the siding to the north from this location.