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Food, lodging, etc


All locations can be considered to have the usual fast-food outlets such as Mickey D, Wendy's, and Taco Bell.  There are other options and they are listed below.

Williams, AZ

This is historic as the point where the ATSF line once branched off north to the Grand Canyon.  The former Harvey House Restaurant and the old station have been restored and bustle each day as the headquarters for the Grand Canyon Railroad.

Historic Route 66 still goes through town just across the tracks from the station.  There are the usual touristy shops and places to eat along the several blocks that are considered downtown Williams.

Maricopa, AZ

A former unincorporated wide spot in the road most notable for the SP Sunset line crossing Route 347.  Now, an exploding bedroom community for Tempe and Phoenix.  Usual offering of fast food, gas stations, and strip shops.  It also houses the trailer that is the Amtrak station.  Big whoop.

But, it does have a fromer CZ domed observation car on display!  That is a big deal.


Hotels - Actually located off I-75 exit 65, Little-York Road, 2.5 miles south of US Route 40. Turn left (south) onto Miller Lane. Everything from Red Roof to Marriot.

Food - A half block north off Route 40, at 22 Foley Drive, Fricker's has very good wings and sandwiches.  Sports bar setting with outdoor patio in the summer.  Can be very crowed around happy hour through early evening.  Frickers

Near the hotels off the Little York exit on Miller Lane, are O'Charlies, Outback, Joe's Crab ShackBob Evans, Don Pablo's, Max and Irma's, you name it, its there.  Just over the Little York bridge (as in going to the north-bound I-75 entrance ramp, there is Olive Garden and Damon's (ribs). O'Charley's  Don Pablo's  Welcome to Max & Erma's Online  Joe's Crab Shack

Tipp City

Hotels - Major chains are located at the Troy Route 55 and Route 41 exist off I-75.  This is 5 miles and 7 miles respectively north of the Tipp City Exit.

Food - Just off I-75 on Route 571 east (Main Street) on the way into Tipp is a small little local institution called Hinders, 902 West main.  Wings, sandwiches, local color you name it.  Gets crowed on week ends and most nights.

In town, Paddy's is at the corner of Main and Second Street (106 East Main).  Cozy, local atmosphere; not fancy but good.

Just across the street is Coldwater Cafe.  Small, intimate, with a wee bit of continental flare.

Chins Contemporary Chinese Restaurant is at 965 West main, about a block off I-75 on the north side of the street. It close to hinders, or vice versa depending on your point of view.


Hotels -  Located at I-75 exits 74 and 73.  All the major chains.

Food - Most of the fast food guys are in the area around the hotels.

C J Highmarks is a local restaurant located by the hotels,  just off the Route 41 exit, on the south side of the road.  Casual setting with outdoor tables in the summer. Varied menu.

Dunaway's Beef and Ale is in town at 508 West Main (Route 41). Hey, its a pub with very good sandwiches and white pizza. Great selection of beer.  Outdoor deck when its warm.  Can be very crowed for lunch and week end nights,

La Piazza is Italian food (ya think?) and located on the northwest corner of the town square circle.  Very good selection and outdoor dining when its warm.

Across the circle is Taggarts.  Very good for lunch or dinner.  Outside tables in the summer.  Nice and cozy. 

Just east of the circle on Main Street, north side is K's Hamburger Shop.  What can I say?  Breakfast, lunch and dinner all revolving around fried food. Local flavor and buzz.  Don't knock it unless you try it!

La Fiesta Mexican is at 836 West Main.  Located in a former Pizza Hut, this place rocks if you like authentic Mexican.  Lunch and dinner.


Hotels - Located on Engle Road, one block west of I-71 include, Raddison, Marriot Residence Inn, Red Roof, and Cross Country Inn.  Within 1 block of Engle Road are Damon's, Friendlys, Perkins, Max and Erma's, Dennys, Olive Garden and the usual fast food places such as Mc Donald's and Taco Bell.  One block further west on Bagley, located in and around a plaza on the north side of the road, is a Paneras, and a Texas Road House.

The Station Restaurant is right where the train photo action is so why drive when you can walk.  The owners and Chef, Bob and his wife, Tammi, offer a wide variety of very well conceived and executed foods at very reasonable prices.  A wide selection of wines and other beverages are available. There is an outdoor patio that provides the in-your-face train experience we all crave.

Their web site link.


It's a small town with the usual gas and quick-shops along Route 30.

Huntington - Barboursville, WV

Located on I-64, US Routes 52 and 60, there is any number of lodging and eating establishments near the photo locations.  Huntington is situated on the Ohio River and is the home for Marshall University.  ACF Industries manufactures their Center Flow covered hoppers at the plant on Third Avenue and 23rd Street.


The United States Air Force Museum is a  must see in Dayton.  It is free (there is a charge for the IMAX theater if you choose), is world-class, has an expansive gift shop, and has exhibits that are second to none. It is more than mere static displays.  It is a series of dioramas with collateral information, sights, and sounds creating a sense of being there.  While the modern flight hangar is more about planes on display, it too is amazing.  Lots of exhibits outside, too.